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Building resilience for sustainable growth

Our approach to sustainability is aligned with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals and supports the delivery of our own strategic priorities

Our approach

For us, sustainability is about integrating social, environmental and economic conditions into our values and operations in a transparent and accountable manner.


Determining our priority areas through materiality assessment and engagement

Embedding sustainability action

Ensuring that every employee understands what role they can play in embedding sustainability actions and behaviours throughout the organisation

Our approach

Building resilience for sustainable growth.

"It has been just over a year since the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) officially came into force, mobilising efforts to tackle climate change, poverty and to fight inequality. Our approach to sustainability is aligned with these SDGs and supports the delivery of our own strategic priorities, specifically the provision of a safe and sustainable environment and the engagement, attraction, development and retention of people. These are all central to the long-term growth of our company.

Companies such as Amec Foster Wheeler have a pivotal role to play helping to deliver these goals between now and 2030. The official launch of the SDGs in 2016 has set the business community a clear and compelling path to action which we have embedded in to our Resilient World strategy. 

Amec Foster Wheeler’s Resilient World strategy aims to solve future natural resources challenges in partnership with a range of stakeholders. It ensures that we manage risk as well as open new opportunities to deliver long-term value for our company, employees and customers. 

As companies increasingly operate in challenging and disruptive markets around the world, it is important that they ground themselves with a strong culture of ethics and compliance and remain focused on delivering sustainable operations and growth. Over the coming year, Amec Foster Wheeler will continue to build on our success of embedding the SDGs into our operating model by delivering the Resilient World strategy and our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact. 

We recognise that being a responsible business quite simply makes business sense by helping to improve the performance and resilience of our company.

We continue to report our sustainability performance wholly online and, apart from the obvious environmental benefits, it provides regular updates to all subscribers, providing an immediate point for our own accountability."

Jon Lewis, CEO