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Our training and development business is able to create customised training for any industry. Our core deliverables include:

  • assessment plans
  • classroom-based lesson materials
  • competence assurance systems
  • online training content/elearning/cbt
  • operations and maintenance manuals
  • operations and maintenance procedures
  • OperatorSuite™ Learning & Competency Management System to track training and competence records
  • safety and compliance awareness programmes
  • training needs analysis
  • Train-the-Trainer workshops
  • workforce nationalisation programmes
  • workforce development programmes
We help customers achieve their business goals by:

Effective training prior to start-up

Companies expect process start-ups to be well-planned, well-executed, with zero environmental and safety issues. Operator training is recognised as an essential prerequisite to achieving this. Amec Foster Wheeler’s custom-designed site-specific operator training programmes significantly increase the efficiency of new process start-ups, as well as help stabilise ongoing operations.

Meeting safety and environmental requirements

For both new and existing facilities, today’s workplace demands are increasingly complex, with high expectations in the area of health, safety, and environment and regulatory requirements to be met. Our custom-designed programmes assure your training is compliant with those requirements.

Minimising operator error

Across all industrial sectors there are many examples where operator error has been a contributing factor to an incident that resulted in injury to personnel, an adverse environmental impact, damage to equipment, or significant lost production. Our performance-based training programmes can help to mitigate potential operator errors.

Ensuring knowledge transfer

Many industries employ an aging workforce and will soon undergo large-scale retirement. These facilities risk a scenario where much of the collective experience and knowledge base of the workforce, if not properly documented, may be lost. The most at-risk knowledge is that related to operating procedures, and related expertise in diagnosing and troubleshooting problems. Amec Foster Wheeler has a proven methodology to capture this knowledge in a format that can be shared and updated for current and future trainees.

Evaluating workers, building a competent workforce

Today’s workforce are drawn from a global market which presents significant challenges, and can result in an unpredictable labour pool. Amec Foster Wheeler has proven processes which cover the lifecycle of development activities including: capability assessment and candidate selection, training that integrates blended learning technologies, task-based competency assessment and performance review against applicable standards, to succession management and organisational development. Combined with web-based technology, this system enables the management of high volume workforces, while retaining individual learning plans and progression, aiding job satisfaction, and employee retention.

Leading-edge technology, developed in response to customer demands
We use technology to enhance learning. Our site-specific e-learning programmes are currently in use around the globe and are administered and tracked by our proven learning and competence management system, OperatorSuite™. If your organisation already has a learning management system (LMS) in place, our content is SCORM conformant, allowing our training programmes to be mounted on any LMS. We work with a number of partners to provide simulation, interactive 3-D assessment tools, and virtual reality applications to improve knowledge transfer and increase retention.


Reilly Montgomery
Training & Development General Manager
Tel: +1 604 664 3145

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