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REACH Consultants

Amec Foster Wheeler can provide your company with REACH consultancy, including global and cost effective solutions, multi disciplinary technical services, and scientifically sound paths to meet the REACH regulatory requirements.

REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) amends the European Union (EU) chemical registration regulations. It extends rigorous data and assessment requirements to substances, products and certain articles produced in or imported to the EU.

REACH’s scope is not restricted to European companies. EU manufacturers and chemical importers, as well as manufacturers importing into the EU, have specific requirements. REACH is a far-reaching regulation that will require companies doing business in the EU to change their entire mode of operations.

REACH has completed its second phase of implementation for the >1000 - 10,000 tonne/annum tranche, following the initial registration of high volume (>100,000 tonnes/annum). There are two upcoming registration deadlines:

  • June 2017: Late pre-registration for substances <100MT/annum that are new to market
  • June 2018: Registration of all manufactured/imported substances between one and 100MT/annum.
Authorization is a more robust assessment of Candidate List substances to justify their continued manufacture and use in products within the EU and is based on demonstrating that risks are adequately controlled or the social-economic benefits outweigh their risks when alternative substances and technologies are taken into account.

Amec Foster Wheeler understands the REACH regulatory environment and your business needs.

REACH contacts

Rob Whiting
Newbury, UK
+44 (0) 1635 275800

Laurie Gneiding
Somerset, NJ
+1 732 302 9500

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