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ORION technology

ORION ScanSortSM and ScanPlotSM radiation detection/ measurement technology 

Amec Foster Wheeler provides rapid and accurate radioactive soil sorting, surveying and monitoring using advanced radiation detection/measurement technology that utilises scanning spectrometer instruments.

Our ScanSort and ScanPlot technology is offered as part of our overall environmental characterisation and remediation services for radioactive material or as a stand-alone service. In both cases, we provide this technology as a full turnkey service with hardware and software, in addition to engineers and technicians to set up and operate the systems.

Scanning spectroscopy uses laboratory-quality gamma spectroscopy in a field application, which is a significant advantage over technologies using gross gamma counting. This innovative technology can be configured on a conveyor-based material soil sorting system using the ScanSort technology or on a mobile platform for ground surface surveys using the ScanPlot technology.

ORION ScanSort technology
Our ScanSort technology is a conveyor-based system that accurately surveys, monitors and sorts material by segregating scanned material into above-criteria and below-criteria discharge piles.

Custom detectors, proprietary scanning spectroscopy software, a rapid reversing conveyor and customisable reporting software are unique to the ScanSort technology. We provide all-weather scanning and sorting of wet or dry material, including soil, crushed stone and concrete, and slurry. Depending upon the type of material and the detection criteria, the technology can process and segregate up to 200 tons per hour.

ORION technology in actionBenefits include:

  • 100% assay of material by lab-quality gamma spectroscopy
  • Bulk sorting for disposal or re-use
  • Faster processing
  • Lower shipping and burial charges
  • Reduced manpower requirements
ORION ScanPlot technology
Our ScanPlot technology is a mobile system that performs surface and shallow-depth radiological examination and characterisation of open land. It provides instant output in a customisable GIS report format and delivers spatially precise maps with plotted locations of detected radioactivity, including concentrations of each radioactive isotope detected and measured. 

ORION technology in actionTechnologies unique to the ScanPlot technology include custom scanners and detectors, and monitoring and reporting software. ScanPlot can be configured as man-portable, towable or self-propelled.

Depending upon its configuration and the detection criteria, the ScanPlot technology can examine up to 20 acres of open land per day. 

Benefits include:

  • 100% assay of land by lab-quality gamma spectroscopy
  • All-weather scanning and mapping
  • Difficult terrain traversing
  • Faster survey and data processing
  • Subtraction of typical background isotopes for more accurate results
Both systems produce data of Final Status Survey Quality, which has been accepted by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Environmental Protection Agency and various state regulating agencies. Amec Foster Wheeler's ScanSort and ScanPlot technology can be deployed worldwide and it has successfully been used in North America, Europe and Asia.

ORION ScanSort

Learn more about Amec Foster Wheeler's ScanSort technology, a conveyor-based system that accurately assays, measures and sorts material

ORION ScanPlot

Amec Foster Wheeler's ScanPlot technology is a mobile system that performs surface and shallow-depth radiological examination and characterisation of open land using a wide variety of platforms

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