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Engagement and consultation

Amec Foster Wheeler provides public and stakeholder consultation services aimed at developing and maintaining positive working relationships between proponents and communities. These positive relationships can foster a better understanding and knowledge with both parties, leading to positive outcomes.

We provide unique communication programs based on scope and magnitude of the project, potential project effects, range of stakeholders, the culture of the affected communities, and the intended purpose and outcomes of the engagement process.

Our methods are based on the principles endorsed by the International Association for Public Participation. Our programs employ a range of communication tools include brochures, newsletters, questionnaires, interviews, open houses, focus groups, individual stakeholder meetings, multi-stakeholder workshops or advisory committees. Our staff are trained and experienced in conducting all levels of consultation.

Engagement with Indigenous Peoples
We offer our extensive experience in engaging with Indigenous Peoples based on building and maintaining mutual trust and respect. Indigenous Peoples have a unique relationship with the natural environment and its resources including co-management responsibilities for natural resources in many areas. Their culture and rights require different approaches for engagement with their communities than one would apply in a non-Indigenous community.

For example, the Aboriginal People in Canada are the fastest growing demographic group in the country and many live in areas of industrial development. These First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people have Aboriginal and Treaty rights protected through The Constitution Act, treaties and land claim settlement agreements. Understanding the dynamics of Aboriginal People in Canada plays a key role in developing meaningful relationships so that engagement on a project can occur.

We design and implement engagement programs to meet project-specific needs through:

  • Advising about and negotiating participation and benefits agreements
  • Designing a participation program with the client and the Indigenous Peoples
  • Negotiating and conducting traditional knowledge and land use studies with Indigenous Peoples
  • Providing cross-cultural awareness training to the project team
  • Providing project-related employment and business opportunities

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