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ConnectFlow overview

ConnectFlow is a suite of subsurface modelling software used to assess the safety of the geological disposal of nuclear materials, enhance production of hydrocarbon and geothermal resources, and assess ground contamination and environmental impacts. The software provides a flexible modelling environment for integrated assessment of structural geology, engineering, hydrogeology, hydrogeochemistry and contaminant transport processes. Facilities are provided to simulate the migration of fluids and solutes through the subsurface and their interactions with rock.

ConnectFlow has industry leading capabilities in the representation of fractured rock hydrogeology and hydrogeochemistry. The software uniquely provides a discrete representation of rock fractures and their role as fluid conduits, as well as the more classical porous medium representation of hydrogeology. A variety of physics are supported to address a wide range of subsurface issues related to geological disposal, rock engineering, well performance, and assessing the migration and remediation of contaminants. A graphical user environment provides an interface for data analysis, model definition, flow and transport simulations, model interpretation and 3D visualisation.

Quality assurance

ConnectFlow has been developed by Amec Foster Wheeler under a rigorous quality system that conforms to the international standards ISO 9001 and TickIT.

The three main components of ConnectFlow are;


We work with our clients to provide links between understanding and data from different disciplines (geology, hydrogeology, reservoir engineering, geomechanics and geochemistry) to provide integrated models of fracture occurrence and fluid flow.

iConnect club

The iConnect Club is made up of a group of organisations who are interested in the application of ConnectFlow to radioactive waste management. The group meets twice a year to share their experience and to guide the development of the ConnectFlow software. The portal provides access to meeting agendas, minutes and presentations.

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ConnectFlow verification

This Verification Document, provides information on the verification of ConnectFlow, which builds confidence in its flow and transport models.


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Dr Steve Joyce
Principal Consultant
Tel: +44 (0)1635 280370

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