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We work with our clients to provide links between understanding and data from different disciplines (geology, hydrogeology, reservoir engineering, geomechanics and geochemistry) to provide integrated models of fracture occurrence and fluid flow. We provide:

  • Design and management of fracture characterisation
  • Fracture data analysis including development of databases and conceptual models to parameterise discrete fracture network (DFN) models
  • Simulations of fractures, connectivity and flow around drillholes to calibrate models against fracture data and well tests and cross hole tests
  • Field scale simulations of flow and to quantify flow-rates, inflows to wells and tunnels, solute pathways and migration rates
  • Upscaling of DFN models to equivalent porous models medium properties
  • Specialist simulation and visualisation software and training 
Our ConnectFlow consultancy work includes:

  • Analysis of drillhole core and image logs
  • Analysis of fracture orientations and sets
  • Analysis of fracture length distributions from geophysical outcrop or tunnel mapping
  • Development of fracture geometry and property models for faults and hydro-structures
  • Derivation and simulation of DFN models
  • Simulation of fracture connectivity and flow around drillholes to calibrate models
  • Simulation of well tests, cross-hole and tracer tests
  • Upscaling DFN models to equivalent porous medium models
  • Coupling static fracture models to geomechanical models
  • Simulating coupled flow and variable density transport
  • Calculating flow pathways 
We achieve this through: 

  • Many years of experience in characterising fractured rocks and simulating flow and coupled processes
  • Flexibility in tailoring our approach to the needs of our clients and the availability of data
  • In-house software engineering to provide bespoke solutions
Our recent activities include:

  • Site-descriptive and safety assessment modelling for SKB
  • Site-descriptive and safety assessment modelling for Posiva
  • Contributions to journal and conference papers
  • Developing inverse methods
  • Development of ConnectFlow to model coupled flow and variable-density solute transport in DFN models
  • Development of advanced visualisation tools
  • Research into modelling coupled thermal, hydraulic, mechanical and chemical processes

Journals and papers

Our experts have presented a number of papers and contributed to industry journals


Contact a ConnectFlow expert

Dr Steve Joyce
Principal Consultant
Tel: +44 (0)1635 280370

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