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Groundwater supply and quality is a worldwide concern. Amec Foster Wheeler as a leader in the management and protection of this renewable resource throughout North America and worldwide understands the importance of maintaining and developing these systems for future generations.

Hydrogeology combines many aspects of science and engineering including geology, chemistry, physics, geophysics, biology, soil science, mathematics, and computer applications.

Playing a key role in the planning, design, and implementation of many types of projects including groundwater resource conservation, development and restoration for domestic, agricultural, and industrial purposes hydrogeology, is practiced across all service lines of Amec Foster Wheeler acts as a catalyst for collaboration across our different businesses.

Groundwater engineering projects can involve dewatering of slopes, tunnels, and open excavations, as well as surface and underground mines. Delineation and remediation of contaminated aquifers involves practical engineering, sound science, and project management skills. This involves not only careful planning and adherence to regulations but also requires coordination with surface water resources and a thorough understanding of the following: groundwater flow in porous and fractured media, recharge/discharge relationships, contaminant transport mechanisms, and well hydraulics.

The common thread for all areas of our involvement is respect for sustainable development and the environment.

Hydrogeological specialists perform a wide variety of services, including:

  • Aquifer studies 
  • Water balance studies and artificial recharge of aquifers 
  • Flow and contaminant transport modeling
  • Design, implementation and supervision of aquifer remediation systems 
  • Design and implementation of containment systems to prevent migration of contaminated groundwater
  • Design, installation, and operation of groundwater monitoring systems 
  • Regional and local hydrogeology studies for environmental impact assessments 
  • Analyses of monitoring data and presentation of data for licensing and compliance with regulations 
  • Landfill design and monitoring 
  • Design, installation, and testing of water wells for extraction and injection 
  • Design and operation of dewatering depressurization systems

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