Wood Group has combined with Amec Foster Wheeler to form a new global leader in the delivery of project, engineering and technical services to energy and industrial markets. To find out more about Wood visit our new website at www.woodplc.com

Subcontracting opportunities

Amec Foster Wheeler attempts to set aside all federal procurement to small businesses. 

Current opportunities
RFPs are issued on a daily basis to firms registered our small business database. We encourage you to complete your company profile here.

Common subcontracting opportunities includes:

<UL> <LI>Abatement & Disposal <LI>Acoustics & Sound Engineering <LI>Aerial Mapping <LI>Aerial Surveying <LI>Air Quality/Air Monitoring <LI>Airboat Services <LI>Airfield Design & Engineering <LI>Archaeological Studies <LI>Archaeology and Cultural Resources <LI>Architect-Engineering Services <LI>Architectural <LI>Asbestos Abatement <LI>Asbestos Surveys <LI>Asbestos/Lead Paint Studies <LI>Asphalt/Paving <LI>AST/UST Removal & Management</LI) </UL>

<UL> <LI>Biologist <LI>Bridge Construction <LI>Bridge Studies & Design <LI>Brownfield Planning <LI>Building Code Analysis </LI> </UL>

<UL><LI>Calibration <LI>Carpentry <LI>CCTV <LI>City Planning <LI>Civil Construction <LI>Civil Engineering <LI>Claims Analysis <LI>Commissioning <LI>Community Relations <LI>Concrete Construction <LI>Constructability Reviews <LI>Construction/Construction Management <LI>Consulting <LI>Cost Estimating <LI>Crane Operator <LI>Crane Rental <LI>Cultural Resources</LI></UL>

<UL><LI>Dams & Reservoirs - Planning & Engineering <LI>Data Management <LI>Data Validation <LI>Demolition <LI>Design Services <LI>Doors and Windows <LI>Drafting <LI>Dredging <LI>Drilling <LI>Drones</LI></UL>

<UL><LI>Earthworks <LI>Ecologist <LI>Economic Analysis <LI>Electrical Construction <LI>Electrical Data Deliverables <LI>Electrical Engineering <LI>Elevator Support Services <LI>Emergency Response <LI>Energy Audits <LI>Engineering Management Support <LI>Engineering Services <LI>Environmental Assessment <LI>Environmental Compliance <LI>Environmental Planning <LI>Environmental Science/Studies <LI>Environmental Supplies/Products <LI>Environmental/Engineering Consulting <LI>Equipment Leasing <LI>Excavation/Clearing/Grading</LI></UL>

<UL><LI>Facility Management <LI>Feasibility Studies <LI>Fencing <LI>Fire Extinguisher Services <LI>Fire Protection/Detection <LI>Fire Suppression <LI>Flooring <LI>Force Protection <LI>Foundations <LI>Fuel System & Related Engineering & Design <LI>Fuel tank repairs <LI>Fuel tank supplies</LI></UL>

<UL><LI>General Contracting <LI>Geology/Hydrogeological <LI>Geophysical Mapping <LI>Geophysical Testing <LI>Geophysics <LI>Geoprobe <LI>Geotechnical Testing <LI>GIS <LI>Grading/Snow Removal</LI></UL>

<UL><LI>Hazardous Building Material Survey/Inspection <LI>Hazardous Transport Disposal <LI>Heavy Equipment Rentals & Operators <LI>Helicopter Charter <LI>Historic Preservation/Architecture <LI>HVAC <LI>Hydrology</LI></UL>

<UL><LI>Irrigation Services</LI></UL>


<UL><LI>Laboratory Services (Biological) <LI>Laboratory Services (Chemical) <LI>Laboratory Services (Mobile) <LI>Laboratory Services (Soil/Materials) <LI>Landscape Architecture <LI>Landscaping <LI>Language Translation <LI>Lead Base Paint Abatement Services <LI>Leak Detection <LI>Licensing & Permitting <LI>LIDAR <LI>Lighting</LI></UL>

<UL><LI>Mapping <LI>Marine Related Services <LI>Masonry <LI>Master Planning Services <LI>Mechanical <LI>MILCON Design</LI></UL>

<UL><LI>Natural Resources <LI>NEPA <LI>Noise Studies <LI>Non Hazardous Transport Disposal</LI></UL>

<UL><LI>Painting <LI>Pavement Inspection/Evaluation & Management <LI>Paving <LI>Permitting <LI>PFC Services <LI>Physical Chemical Treatment Systems <LI>Piling <LI>Piping <LI>Piping (Underground) <LI>Planning <LI>Plumbing <LI>Pollution Prevention <LI>Power Distribution <LI>Preliminary Assessment</LI></UL>

<UL><LI>Roadway/Highway Design & Traffic Planning <LI>Roof Evaluation & Management Programs <LI>Roofing</LI></UL>

<UL><LI>Safety Products <LI>Security/Alarms <LI>Site Investigation <LI>Site Preparation <LI>Site Security <LI>Software Maintenance <LI>Software System Development <LI>Soil Removal <LI>Soil Venting Bioremediation <LI>Soils Testing <LI>Staff Augmentation <LI>Stormwater Management <LI>Structural Engineering <LI>Structural Steel Erection/Fabrication <LI>Surveying Services</LI></UL>

<UL><LI>Tank/UST Services <LI>Telecommunications <LI>Title I <LI>Title II <LI>Traffic Control <LI>Training <LI>Transportation & Disposal <LI>Transporters <LI>Treatability Studies <LI>Tree Clearing</LI></UL>

<UL><LI>Uninterrupted Power System <LI>Utility Locating <LI>Utility/Piping</LI></UL>

<UL><LI>Value Engineering</LI></UL>

<UL><LI>Waste Disposal <LI>Wastewater <LI>Water Modelling <LI>Water Quality <LI>Water Treatment <LI>Welding <LI>Well Installation & Monitoring <LI>Window Restoration</LI></UL>

Contact us

Holly Hutson
Small Business Liaison Officer
Amec Foster Wheeler
1105 Lakewood Parkway
Alpharetta, GA 30009
(P) 770.360.0624
(E) small.business@amecfw.com

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