Wood Group has combined with Amec Foster Wheeler to form a new global leader in the delivery of project, engineering and technical services to energy and industrial markets. To find out more about Wood visit our new website at www.woodplc.com

Technical consulting

We provide an unrivalled combination of scientific and engineering experts with a wealth of experience in their fields and extensive analytical tools, specialist software, equipment, laboratory and engineering facilities. The business offers a range of specialist engineering and technical services primarily to the nuclear, conventional, renewable energy and oil & gas market sectors. For nuclear this incorporates support to the entire civil and defence nuclear lifecycle (nuclear new build, operational nuclear sites and decommissioning).

Our portfolio of services is diverse covering structural integrity, engineering simulation, thermal hydraulics, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), human factors, materials, chemistry, corrosion, noise,engineering test rigs and trials, remote operations and inspection, measurement, laboratory analysis and a range of specialist nuclear services such as reactor physics, criticality, shielding, nuclear licensing, waste and environmental management, radiation assessment and radiological protection.

The Technical Consultancy business’ vision is to be the partner of choice for high value consultancy services to the energy sector adding value by delivering innovative solutions, having a practical approach and utilising the knowledge and experience of our people to solve our customers' issues. 

Using advances in technology has enabled engineers to substantiate equipment and process designs at progressively earlier stages in their development. Modern computer equipment and software can simulate designs operating under their whole range of potential working loads, and environments allowing the engineers to select the best available solutions. <br /><br /> Learn more about our <a href="http://www.amecfw.com/services/consulting/technical-consulting/engineering-simulation"><b>engineering simulation</b></a> capability.

Amec Foster Wheeler's human factors experts comprises a core group of Human Factors professionals with a wide range of experience and expertise and qualifications in mechanical engineering & electrical engineering design, organisational and industrial psychology, sociology, ergonomics and operations. <br /><br /> Learn more about our <a href="http://www.amecfw.com/services/consulting/technical-consulting/human-factors"><b>human factors</b></a> capability.

We offer a unique combination of full independent ion exchange resin testing facilities, located at our Birchwood laboratories near Warrington, supported by extensive experience in the power industry. We have the capability to fully evaluate the quality of new ion exchange resins prior to their introduction into plant and also offer a condition monitoring service for used resins in operating plant. <br /><br /> Learn more about our <a href="http://www.amecfw.com/services/consulting/technical-consulting/laboratory-analysis"><b>laboratory analysis</b></a> capability.

Our materials, chemistry and corrosion services teams of engineers and scientists have extensive experience in handling complex and novel materials, corrosion and plant chemistry problems. Their flexible and multi-disciplined approach can quickly assess problems and provide the technical solution needed. Our teams are able to work on desk, lab and site-based projects singularly or as part of a multi-discipline team. <br /><br /> Learn more about our <a href="http://www.amecfw.com/services/consulting/technical-consulting/materials-chemistry"><b>materials, chemistry and corrosion services</b></a>.

Technology services has a long history of supporting waste retrieval and transfer development for all the major UK nuclear clients. <br /><br /> We provide quantification of a wide range of tried and tested technologies for retrieval and transfer of wastes. This encompasses selecting processes suitable to the varied characteristics of legacy waste materials, to the standards and constraints of the nuclear industry. Our 50 years of nuclear experience, together with our wide know-how in process plant provides Clients with a full range of support to solve their problems.

Amec Foster Wheeler has long since been recognised as a source of advice on radiation protection. Our established HSE approved RPA Corporate Body ensures these skills are maintained at the highest level. Our systems also support an emergency response service that operates twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. <br /><br /> Learn more about our <a href="http://www.amecfw.com/services/consulting/technical-consulting/radiological-services"><b>radiological services</b></a>.

Amec Foster Wheeler’s engineering development team has been providing consultancy and expertise to power and process industries for forty years. We are the primary partner to EDF Energy for this type of work. <br /><br /> Learn more about our <a href="http://www.amecfw.com/services/consulting/technical-consulting/engineering-development"><b>engineering development</b></a> capability.

From rigs, refineries and nuclear power plants to cranes, pipes and pumps, in an increasingly demanding market optimising the productivity of your facilities has to be of prime importance. Indeed the safety and environmental implications of the failure of key systems due to stress, fatigue, corrosion or other material behaviours can be catastrophic. <br /><br /> Learn more about our <a href="http://www.amecfw.com/services/consulting/technical-consulting/structural-integrity"><b>structural integrity</b></a> capability.

Our team of inspection engineers provide unique services to nuclear customers worldwide. We provide independent advice and consultancy on all aspects of non destructive testing (NDT) research and development, human factor review and quality assurance.

The ANSWERS Software Service supplies high quality software and consultancy services for customers world-wide in the areas of reactor physics, radiation shielding, dosimetry, nuclear criticality, well logging and nuclear data. <br /><br /> Established software packages, dedicated helpline and support services, and the availability of experienced consultants and analysts provide a comprehensive capability to solve customer problems in areas such as nuclear safety, plant performance and operational efficiency. <br /><br /> Learn more about <a href="http://www.answerssoftwareservice.com/"><b>ANSWERS Software Service</b></a>.

The research services undertaken in our structural integrity laboratories provide confidence in the reliability and applicability of technical solutions designed to improve lifetime and output limits imposed by materials and structural issues. <br /><br /> Our structural integrity research capability applies knowledge and understanding of component degradation to underwrite safety arguments that support improvements to plant performance.

Our <a href="http://www.amecfw.com/services/consulting/training-solutions"><b>training solutions</b></a> team provide a wide range of health, safety, risk management and reliability training courses.

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