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Delivering deepwater Gulf of Mexico production to market

The Mardi Gras Transportation System serves the development of five deepwater fields in the southern Green Canyon and Mississippi Canyon Areas. It has an expected peak flow rate of 1.25 million barrels of oil per day and 1.5 billion standard cubic feet of gas per day by about 2012. This project is made up of pipeline segments extending from deepwater fields (including the Thunder Horse Field located in 6,000 feet of water as well as Na Kika, Mad Dog, Holstein, and Atlantis) to shelf facilities and to shore.

Our main design scope of work focused on the shelf and onshore pipelines associated with the Mississippi Canyon Area development, as well as the offshore shelf facilities and tie-ins to support the deepwater developments.

For all elements of the project – onshore and in shallow or deep water – we provided procurement, cost control, schedule control, HSE action tracking, quality assurance / quality control (QA / QC), flow assurance / hydraulic modelling and human factors engineering (HFE) services.

One of our key achievements was the development and implementation of an industry-first, web-based HSE Management System for tracking and managing health, safety, and environmental issues – resulting in exemplary HSE performance and documentation on the project.

Another achievement is the successful management of interfaces among the several onshore and offshore project contractors and the various regulatory agencies and stakeholders. This ensured the flow of accurate, timely information to all relevant parties. Importantly, the use of proprietary mapping systems and collaboration with regulatory agencies to select onshore pipeline routes with minimal to ‘zero’ impacts to Louisiana’s environmentally sensitive wetlands.

Location:Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana, US
Value:More than US$1 billion (Project)
Scope:Project management, engineering, procurement, inspection, construction management, health, safety and environment, action tracking, human factors engineering, quality assurance / quality control, environmental support, and flow assurance
Date:2000 - 2008