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Resourcing for tomorrow

Stocking the talent pipeline
We recognise that our company’s success is contingent upon our ability to have the right resources available, as necessary to deliver high quality efficient solutions for our clients around the globe. Our teams appreciate that in order to achieve this imperative, we must be agile in our deployment of existing personnel; we must be astute in the development of employee skill sets ensuring they remain relevant - while building a reliable and diverse pipeline of talent for the future.

Developing the talent pipeline
As well as resourcing the right people for our business, our company’s success is also contingent on our ability to develop talent internally in line with our business drivers, values and behaviours.  We have developed and rolled out a consistent approach to managing performance, identifying and developing talent and managing succession.

  • We will commit to finding talent outside our sector to back fill those employees retiring and to ensure a sustainable talent pipeline
    - Experienced people with transferable skills
    - New entrants through graduate and apprenticeship programmes
  • We will set expectations to ensure we transfer the experience and knowledge of existing people to new entrants
  • We will work to educate the pipeline of potential employees about opportunities in engineering.

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