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We put safety first

We put safety first

Amec Foster Wheeler is committed to the value of ‘Doing the right thing - we put safety first’

We act ethically and with integrity

We care about our communities

HSSE management

Everyday around the world our employees and those that work with us are working on behalf of our clients. It is a fundamental right of every individual who works with us to undertake that work in a healthy, safe and secure way. Even though we work in some of the harshest environments undertaking difficult and dangerous work, it is our duty to make sure that work is managed properly and risks are effectively mitigated.

Our HSSE policy is supported by a health, safety, security and environmental (HSSE) framework document, which sets our expectations and minimum HSSE standards for our global operations. It provides the guiding hand on what we believe should be our absolute standard wherever we operate in the world. We know that standards of health, safety and security are different across the world and we are committed to upholding our legal obligations. However, where the statutory duty of care to an individual falls short of our own standards, we are committed to ensuring that we operate to our framework and standards. 

Amec Foster Wheeler operates an integrated health, safety, security and environmental management system which is based on the elements of international standards and best practice (ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, HSG65).  

Our work supports some of the most environmentally sensitive industries across the world and our clients demand and expect a service provider with only the highest respect for environmental management. Excellence in environmental management is integral to providing a sound and successful service for our clients, sustainable return for our investors and attraction of talent in a company which employs environmental specialists among its 40,000 employees.

See our fact sheets for more detail:

Carbon management

Climate change continues to be a major issue for Amec Foster Wheeler and our clients to manage, and for us, addressing concerns around climate change means addressing our energy use and services provision for our clients. 

    For more information on our strategy and our performance, please refer to the Carbon management fact sheet.

    HSSE policy

    Amec Foster Wheeler is committed to delivering a sustainable world class performance

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