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Our long term goal is to ensure that we are the most trusted partner for our customers, responding to their demands for high standards by embedding a consistent sustainability standard across our projects.

Key to realising our vision is becoming a trusted partner for our customers. Meeting our customers' expectations through delivering value-added solutions is an essential element of our continued success. Our aim is to build a standard whereby sustainability is inherently embedded into the core of our projects, and to implement a value-add sustainability framework to be used for those clients with advanced sustainability objectives.

We will integrate this standard into our Operating Model to provide assurance that sustainability is a core consideration in the way we identify and win work, and in how we assure effective project execution plans that meet customer requirements. 

 TargetAimFocus area
Best-practice consistency 
100% of Amec Foster Wheeler projects can demonstrate sustainability has been embedded into the delivery.Ensure a consistent approach to inherently embedding sustainability into the core of our projects.
We will develop and embed a consistent approach / standard to ensure the consideration of sustainability issues on our projects.

Sustainability is a key component of the project close out report.
 Value - add
Growing number of new projects have utilised a project sustainability framework.Implement a value-add sustainability framework to be used for clients with advanced sustainability objectives.We will develop and implement a project sustainability framework to be utilised for select projects / clients who require more advanced sustainability requirements (above and beyond the standard approach).