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Natural resources

Amec Foster Wheeler offers locally experienced groups of ecologists, biologists, environmental scientists, cartographers and other natural resource specialists that provide both progressive and aggressive capabilities to handle the most challenging assignments.

Amec Foster Wheeler has assembled a natural resources team specifically designed to cater to the needs of businesses and government agencies throughout North America.

Environmental assessments and impact statements
Amec Foster Wheeler’s natural resource professionals are experienced in dealing with the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969, as amended, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA), as well as other federal, state and provincial regulations that protect our natural resources. The complexity of these regulations can be overwhelming, requiring a team of experienced professionals to guide projects through from inception to implementation.

Wetland and fisheries habitat delineations
In the progressive industrial, commercial and residential development of our landscape, pressures are imposed on wetland and fisheries habitats. To ensure the establishment of effective resource management planning, appropriate delineation of wetland habitat and boundaries as well as fisheries habitat distribution and sensitivity is essential. Our team of biologists and ecologists set the framework for future planning through comprehensive habitat inventory and functional assessment.

Permit applications and approvals process
A critical and challenging component of project development is the acquisition of environmental permits and approvals. In the U.S., Section 404 of the Clean Water Act is under seemingly continuous amendment. In addition, each state’s Section 401 Water Quality Certification process is different. In Canada, the Federal Fisheries Act is tied closely with the CEAA and requires close attention to a full range of environmental issues in order to gain project authorization for habitat alteration.

Amec Foster Wheeler provides qualified professionals experienced in the nuances of wetland, fisheries and other environmental permits and approvals at the federal, state and provincial level. Let our experience and innovation guide you through the process.

Mitigation/restoration design and implementation
When restoration or creation of wetland and fisheries habitat is required, Amec Foster Wheeler offers unparalleled expertise. A management team integrating aspects of hydrology, ecology and engineering serve to ensure the achievement of proper form and function in the design and ultimate constructed feature. Amec Foster Wheeler offers unparalleled expertise in the field. When a project may impact the habitat of a protected or sensitive species, implementing exceptional habitat protection and management methods that maintain ecological function can mean the difference between a successful project or the failure of an otherwise great project. Amec Foster Wheeler applies innovative and best available technology to achieve success.

Endangered species assessments
Most people are aware of the federal legislation that protects endangered or threatened species, but did you know that many states and provinces maintain a listing of protected species as well? Even if there is no consequent protection law, many state agencies will encourage and promulgate protection of these species. Clients need a consultant who knows both federal, state and provincial policies and who can execute the necessary studies and management plans. AMEC has the knowledge to assist you.

Natural resource inventories and management plans
These documents are perhaps the most comprehensive types of studies an organization may undertake. The natural resource inventory requires natural resource professionals with experience in large-scale field operations and data collection as well as strong cartographic expertise. Our wetland resource inventories support both environmental impact assessments and the development of management plans. Management plans require a determination on how resources are used, protected, or otherwise sensibly managed. Amec Foster Wheeler takes great pride in producing exceptionally high-quality inventories and natural resource management plans and the positive results brought to our customers.

Geographic information system/global positioning system capabilities
Amec Foster Wheeler has an experienced staff of cartographers and Arc/Info® programmers. Whether you need to augment your existing database or establish an entirely new GIS, Amec Foster Wheeler is there for you. In addition, our field teams use the latest GPS technology to locate features, such as wetlands, streams and other natural resources with sub-meter accuracy.

Environmental services

Offering our clients a diverse skill set from our environmental consultants and a complete array of environmental services covering air, land, and water

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