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Information technology water resource services

Amec Foster Wheeler provides an extensive range of information technology (IT) services to commercial and government clients. The services provided include data capture, preparation, and processing services, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), database design and implementation, and custom program development.

Data capture, preparation and processing: Amec Foster Wheeler offers a wide range of data capture, processing, and preparation services, including:

  • Field data collection using remote sending technologies;
  • Processing of remote sending date;
  • Generation of new data sets from new and existing data sources; 
  • Automated quality control and assurance procedures for maintaining data integrity and reducing costs associated with quality assurance review.

Amec Foster Wheeler undertook the collection of site and water quality parameters in Richland County, South Carolina, for compliance with the EPA National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) stormwater permit issued by the State of South Carolina. Data collection was performed using backpack GPS systems coupled with hand-held PCs and Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) ArcPad. The GPS location and site parameters were collected digitally, eliminating the need for hand entry of field-collected data.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Amec Foster Wheeler is a recognised leader in GIS technologies and a business partner to several premier GIS software developers, including ESRI. The GIS services provided to clients include:

  • GIS needs evaluation;
  • GIS systems design and implementation;
  • GIS program and data development;
  • GIS integration with existing IT infrastructure.

Database design and implementation: Amec Foster Wheeler has developed numerous database and data management solutions for commercial and government clients. Solutions range from simple stand-alone databases to complex client-server applications.

Amec Foster Wheeler aided in the development and implementation of the current Kentucky Scour Program, which included the development of a database system to manage bridge data. Using Visual Basic, a user interface was created for the database system to enter, view, and access the data. The interface allows the user to view the field observation data, photos, on-screen plots of the bridge face sections, including ground line and water surface, and field sketches.

Custom program development: Developing solutions that are uniquely targeted to client needs is the hallmark of our IT solutions. An interactive CD-based software program is one such solution.

Amec Foster Wheeler created a multimedia information and program development interactive CD-ROM for the North Carolina League of Municipalities to educate communities about the NPDES Phase II requirements. It has since been customized for use by cities in Indiana and Minnesota. This initiative represents a significant cost savings for many smaller Phase II communities.

The interactive CD-based software program provides the user the tools to:

  • Educate;
  • Assess current services;
  • Plan for future services;
  • Access financial needs;
  • Creates NPDES compliance.

The CD incorporates 'point and click' technology and is menu driven, allowing the individual to create pathways to work through decisions, input key data, and evaluate alternatives for implementation of program elements that will meet the standards for Phase II compliance.

Internet mapping solutions: Utilising ArcIMSO, Amec Foster Wheeler builds interactive maps that can be viewed on a Local Area Network or on the World Wide Web. Our staff is able to design, implement and customise a site (using any digital data) that will fit the needs of any user without having to buy individual software licenses.

Environmental services

Offering our clients a diverse skill set from our environmental consultants and a complete array of environmental services covering air, land, and water

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