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Geographic Information Systems

Amec Foster Wheeler is a proven leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and database services. We provide the integration of mainstream databases, GIS, and state-of the-art communications to fulfill the most difficult data management and data analysis projects.

Amec Foster Wheeler designs and builds custom software and databases, creates and analyses geographic data, and helps major organizations plan for their information technology needs. Amec Foster Wheeler intertwines a technology vision with a firm understanding of environmental and engineering principles.

Built into our services is the goal of developing systems that provide value within your organisation. We accomplish this by knowing how the technology works and identifying how it fits with your organisation. As a result, we create a vision that allows for growth within the boundaries and constraints of the organisation and technology. As the internet plays a larger role in data use and accessibility, Amec Foster Wheeler is building systems to help companies capitalise on these efficiencies without exceeding their budgets.

Amec Foster Wheeler approaches GIS as the integration of graphic and non-graphic data into a common database. Non-graphic data such as records, forms, and reports are cross-referenced with graphical data such as maps, drawings and pictures. This type of cross-referencing provides a link that is missing in traditional non-graphic environments. Using this process, Amec Foster Wheeler develops databases that are accurate, accessible, and valuable to its users.

Amec Foster Wheeler is committed to client service and proves it through the following:

  • Building partnerships with clients;
  • Developing cost effective solutions;
  • Delivering on or ahead of schedule;
  • Maintaining that only a quality product is acceptable;
  • Establishing strong program and project management teams;
  • Committing to client satisfaction.
Many software developers and data management companies specialise in a few programs or systems and want you to convert to their expertise. At Amec Foster Wheeler, our primary concern is your comfort with the product.

We have staff who specialise in many different systems, programs and platforms - and when we do not have the expertise in-house, we look to our outside resources to bring you the right tools for the job. Amec Foster Wheeler specialists have extensive experience in programming systems using JAVA, HTML, PERL5, C, C++, Visual C++., Visual Basic., AML., Avenue., AutoLISP., XML, COBOL, Pascal, ORACLE, and SQL Server.

The range of GIS expertise at Amec Foster Wheeler encompasses:

  • Database design;
  • Customised user applications;
  • Data collection;
  • Data conversion;
  • Spatial data maintenance and construction;
  • Spatial analysis;
  • Decision support systems;
  • GPS/field surveys;
  • Network implementation;
  • Web-based application development;
  • Stormwater inventories;
  • Floodplain analysis;
  • Flood Insurance Studies (FIS).
With these skill sets, Amec Foster Wheeler affords you the freedom to work toward whatever solution suits your organisation.

Technical analysis and project support 
Amec Foster Wheeler's ability to analyse data comes from our dedicated information technology staff who have the expertise to use hardware and software tools to their full potential. The second component of Amec Foster Wheeler's ability comes from our industry-leading engineers and scientists - their knowledge and experience provide a true value to our clients when developing GIS and other information technology programs. Our team approach toward staffing projects ensures that the project can adapt to changes in requirements, staff, and budget.

At Amec Foster Wheeler we invest in hardware, software, and in our people.

  • Hardware - We purchase and upgrade the equipment needed to perform high-end data manipulation, analysis, and storage. We keep our hardware current and invest in storage and memory so our computers don't let us down as projects and data grow.
  • Software - We've developed partnerships and strong relationships with a number of software vendors, including ESRI, Intergraph, Autocad, and MicroStation. Amec Foster Wheeler owns multiple copies of crucial software packages, and we are willing to purchase other titles to aid in transferring data or converting legacy systems.
  • People - In this rapidly changing technological world, we recognise that technology experts are very marketable. We want our employees to stay with Amec Foster Wheeler because we believe our clients benefit from experienced and stable project teams. So, we invest in our people by keeping them current on the latest versions of programs and applications. We provide internal and external training - allowing skills to expand, which makes our experts happy and also more valuable to our clients.
Network of offices 
Its network of offices across North America allows Amec Foster Wheeler to provide clients with quality services in a timely manner. With our extensive network and hardware capabilities, GIS services are available through every office.

Environmental services

Offering our clients a diverse skill set from our environmental consultants and a complete array of environmental services covering air, land, and water

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