Wood Group has combined with Amec Foster Wheeler to form a new global leader in the delivery of project, engineering and technical services to energy and industrial markets. To find out more about Wood visit our new website at www.woodplc.com


Amec Foster Wheeler has a global network of engineering centres delivering high performance, cost-effective technical services to our customers worldwide.

Our approach to engineering ‘the Amec Foster Wheeler Way’ means a common user experience for our customers, independent of location. We can deploy the best mix of our capabilities through a well-integrated work share and technical performance management system.

Our engineering achievements include major complex and challenging projects such as Lunskoye-A and Piltun B. These are the world’s largest production platforms to be installed by float over, engineering to operate at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius in winter and +40 Celsius in summer, to withstand sea ice and remain steady during earthquakes.  

We are helping to engineer with the next generation of nuclear power in the UK and Canada, as well as applying both traditional and new skills to the new world of bioprocess, renewable energy and CCS (carbon capture and storage).

Our engineering expertise extends from our consulting services through to our specialist engineering services and decommissioning.

We offer expertise in many engineering disciplines, including: geotechnical engineeringmaterials engineering, and engineering design.

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