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Municipal treatment, storage & distribution

Amec Foster Wheeler provides municipal water treatment facility design, storage and distribution solutions to help our customers meet their growing water supply needs and overcome scarcity challenges.
Drinking water treatment and supply
The availability of a safe and reliable drinking water supply is the foundation of a modern community. Across the globe, Amec Foster Wheeler helps communities establish and maintain the supply of this valuable resource. From the development of new water systems to the expansion and rehabilitation of existing water infrastructure, Amec Foster Wheeler has an established background in developing solutions to treat and manage the supply of potable water. Our experience gives us the ability to expertly advise our customers on the most suitable solution to meet their drinking water treatment and water supply challenges.

Water storage and distribution
The ability to deliver water where it is needed is an integral part of every water supply system. Amec Foster Wheeler recognises the importance of cost-effectively meeting the demands on a modern water network to meet the needs of our customers, water users and the environment. The storage and distribution of water is a core part of our water expertise. Amec Foster Wheeler’s engineering, design and environmental services have established water supply for projects as small as a single property to whole regions. Our multi-disciplinary teams deliver cost-effective solutions across every component of a water network.

Rehabilitation and renewal
Globally, water purveyors are faced with ageing networks and often struggle to meet the demands of customers and regulators. Rehabilitation of existing assets is increasingly being relied upon to achieve cost-effective service improvement and extend asset life. Amec Foster Wheeler develops rehabilitation and renewal options for existing infrastructure to maximise capital expenditure investment. We implement trenchless technologies for pipelines and in-situ rehabilitation methods for tanks and reservoirs to enable lower capital investments for ageing system improvements. We provide a thorough mix of innovation and established practices to achieve longer life, greater productivity and improved quality from our customers’ assets.

Water network efficiency
As the production cost of water rises and demand increases for limited supplies of water, suppliers and operators look for opportunities to minimise distribution losses. Amec Foster Wheeler assists water suppliers and industry to assess and improve network efficiency using:
  • Leakage detection, analysis and repair
  • In-situ flow metering
  • Water efficiency studies
  • Trenchless repair and replacement techniques 
Our expertise includes:

  • Surface water treatment facility engineering and design
  • Well head (groundwater) treatment
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Asset planning and management
  • Water distribution
  • Storage

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