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Integrated water management planning

At Amec Foster Wheeler, we have decades of experience solving environmental and water infrastructure challenges around the world. We have used this knowledge to develop the One Plan approach for integrated water management planning.

Integrated water management planning is multidisciplinary, with the multi-objective model at its core. We bring together the best elements of Water Sensitive Urban Design, One Water, Blue-Green Cities and Integrated Resource Planning to deliver fourth generation urban water services.

Amec Foster Wheeler understands the significant challenges involved in integrating disparate and fragmented planning systems. We are working with utilities in the UK, North America, Latin America and Asia to develop efficient, effective solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.
Our integrated water management planning services include:

  • Identifying and rationalising customer and stakeholder objectives, and statutory requirements
  • Auditing and mapping planning capacity, objectives, and timelines within utilities to facilitate integrated water planning
  • Utility data system audits and integration mapping
  • Multiple modelling integration for hydrological, resource system, production, sewerage hydraulics and wastewater water quality
  • Scenario planning and modelling of clean and wastewater supply-demand projections including future proofing for climate change
  • Multi-objective options appraisal, hydroeconomic assessment and business plan development based on total expenditure.

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