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Hydro-ecology & ecosystem services

Balancing the demands of water use and environmental protection is a complex challenge. Concerns, supported by legislation, around sustainable water use and water security cause increased pressure on our customers to balance these demands.

Wetlands are transitional environments between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Some of the most productive ecosystems on Earth, wetlands provide habitats for plants, fish and wildlife, including rare and endangered species.

Hydro-ecology, the study of wetland supported systems, provides a valuable approach to understanding the interaction between surface, soil and groundwater systems and ecology. When assessing how development may impact the environment, hydro-ecology is an important tool used to evaluate wetland systems, solve wetland management issues, design new wetlands and provide wetland impact assessments.

Biologists and wetland ecologists within Amec Foster Wheeler have been actively involved in the management of wetland resources at a variety of natural, industrial  and  contaminated sites. Our scientists have developed a detailed understanding of freshwater and coastal wetland systems and have been involved in diverse wetland settings, from forested red-maple swamps to tidal marshlands.

Amec Foster Wheeler has a team of dedicated and experienced staff specialising in all areas of hydro-ecology, supported by water operations and engineering design to offer:

  • Hydro-ecological modelling
  • Wetland design and management
  • River restoration advice and design
  • Monitoring (hydrology, water quality, hydro-morphology, fisheries and ecology)
  • Hydrological modelling
  • Hydro-morphological assessment
  • Water quality modelling
  • Aquatic ecological assessment
  • Run-off control (SuDS, natural water retention measures and agricultural land management)
  • Environmental economics, hydroeconomics and options appraisal
  • Ecosystem services
  • Water policy support

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