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Wastewater treatment & re-use

Wastewater is the inevitable result of human activity. If left untreated it can have a detrimental impact on the environment and on the availability of clean water. Amec Foster Wheeler’s multi-disciplinary teams integrate engineering design, environmental assessment and planning implications to enable successful implementation of wastewater schemes.
Responsible environmental management has the potential for a positive impact on long-term profitability of our customers by protecting water as a valuable resource. Wastewater treatment and reuse strategies can often be combined with operational modifications to reduce operating costs, improve product quality and enhance efficiency.

Our water treatment engineers serve as key team members of project planning and design teams for industrial and commercial customers worldwide. We provide water management and treatment services including design and construction of wastewater facilities. We also provide our customers with experienced wastewater treatment system operators for the most cost-effective operations. As a leading service provider, we deliver comprehensive industrial process wastewater and effluent solutions.

We provide municipal wastewater collection and treatment solutions to customers ranging from small rural populations to city and regional treatment facilities. Our engineering, design and environmental expertise is focused on the two main elements of municipal wastewater management: collection and treatment.
Water quality is measured by the requirements of the system it supports; ecosystems, human consumption, agriculture, industry and power generation. The quality of water available affects how these systems perform. Amec Foster Wheeler supports our clients worldwide with expertise in water quality protection and mitigation. Working on an average of 500 water quality projects per year, we help customers comply with ever-changing standards and protect our most precious resource.

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