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Utility engineering

Our utility engineering services add real savings to project bottom lines by helping prevent expensive project design modifications and construction delays due to unforeseen utility conflicts.

Amec Foster Wheeler has broad experience throughout North America providing utility engineering services to federal agencies, state transportation departments, municipal governments, and public and private utility companies. Our team includes former state DOT utility managers, civil engineers, designers, and field technicians, all of whom are assigned exclusively to utility engineering and coordination projects.

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)
We use the latest SUE technologies including digital electromagnetic locators, ground penetrating radar, magnetic gradiometers, GPS, vacuum excavation and handheld computers to accurately locate, identify and map underground utilities. Benefits to project owners include:

  • Lower design fees and elimination of redesign costs due to unanticipated buried utilities
  • Lower costs to utility providers related to repairs and utility conflict 
  • Lower or eliminated construction interruptions and costly delays due to inadvertent utility damage or conflict and related lost-time accidents
  • Reduced pavement repairs due to the non-destructive methods used
  • Tighter contractor bids, reducing a portion of contingency fees and allowance for claims

Utility Coordination

Utility relocation and coordination are most successful when initiated as early as possible in a project. Amec Foster Wheeler realizes the process of relocating utilities affected by construction can be complex and challenging for project owners; our services begin in the design concept phase with an initial investigation, verifying all entities within the project area and identifying potential major utility impacts. This approach provides:

Continuity: we will manage every detail of the project from initial contacts through final design and construction management verification

  • Strong relationships with utility owners: we bring an extensive knowledge of the utility market, the skills to communicate effectively with utility owners, and the know-how to get the job done right
  • Design staff coordination: Resolving potential utility conflicts early in the design process helps avoid delays to design and construction schedules
  • Cost-effectiveness: Our integrated utility services provide our clients with a 'one-stop shop', saving time and money.

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