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Ports and marine

We provide specialist services at every stage of the project. By using integrated supply chain planning, geographic information systems (GIS) and dynamic simulation modelling, we can select the optimum transportation routes and modes of transport. We combine these planning skills with multidiscipline engineering expertise to select, design and construct port and intermodal sites that optimise capacities and handling rates. 

Our experience of working in the extreme conditions of the Arctic, developing marine and overland transportation routes for mining projects, developing terminal facilities in exposed and remote locations internationally, all help make us a flexible and global partner for developers of port and marine infrastructure. 

Amec Foster Wheeler’s multi-discipline skills and extensive geographic network of offices provides a unique services offering. Our in-house resources cover environmental services, permitting, coastal engineering, maritime civil and structural and materials engineering, and materials handling design and fabrication. 

Amec Foster Wheeler also provides specialised marine weather forecasting services, providing operational support to offshore oil companies, major marine contractors and vessel operators. 

Services include:

Our specialists include experts in ship-loaders and unloaders, storage facilities for dry and liquid bulk and barging and lightering systems. They provide concept and economic studies to find the best ways to get products to the port, and then to their ultimate destinations.

Our geotechnical surveys and structural inspections, both above and below water help to optimise designs, assess damage and recommend repairs to structures damaged through time and the elements. Our structural analyses and meteorological, wave and erosion studies can help predict conditions and determine loadings, strength requirements and other design criteria.

Our knowledge in marine support structures spans across the mining and forestry sectors into the offshore oil and gas industry. Here, massive support facilities are required to construct and supply rigs, as well as to handle the trans-shipment of product to market. For decades we have studied, designed and constructed such facilities, and have been involved from the outset in the development of billion-dollar projects in Atlantic Canada.

Safe navigation and maneuvering of cargo vessels from open waters to the final berthing area require prudent planning, engineering analysis and due diligence at concept and detailed design stages. Typical marine engineering projects involve evaluation of navigation criteria and study of vessel maneuvering and berthing to design navigation channels and evaluate the risk associated with vessel traffic and collision. Design of the approach channels and water ways involves various disciplines including ship handling and maritime engineering. <br /><br /> Amec Foster Wheeler’s Ports & Marine Engineers have developed and used analytical, numerical and physical design tools to provide practical solutions for ship maneuvering and navigation design. We have the in-house expertise in engineering and assessment of the environmental and economic components of navigation channels development. The range of services that Amec Foster Wheeler offers includes: <br /><br /> <UL> <LI>Channel design and navigation <LI>Navigation channel alignment design <LI>Full mission bridge and fast time simulations <LI>Channel depth design including seabed geotechnical assessments <LI>Design of berthing and swinging Areas <LI>Navigational aids design and specification according to international codes and standard, local coast guard and Port Authority Regulations <LI>Vessel, navigation, maneuvering and operating design criteria and specifications <LI>Dredging and land reclamation design and maintenance <LI>Dredging site surveys and investigation <LI>Hydrographic surveys <LI>Rock dredging <LI>Land reclamation <LI>Vessel traffic simulation and risk analysis</LI> </UL> <br /> During the design of navigation channels, Amec Foster Wheeler’s marine and coastal engineers interact with the environmental discipline to assess the impact of the approach channel on the land and marine life and develop a design that complies with the environmental requirements. <br /><br /> Amec Foster Wheeler’s simulation team carries out marine traffic simulation and risk analysis to model present and future traffic streams and estimate likelihood of the vessel-to-vessel collision. The risk analysis allows us to assess the potential loss to life, damage to the marine environment and commercial loss to the port in the event of an accident.

Amec Foster Wheeler offers a full range of post-design services. These include providing clarification during the bidding process, participating in 'Construction Partnerships', and providing design assistance for unforeseen conditions and design changes that occur during project construction.

Amec Foster Wheeler provides value engineering through plan review and constructability analysis. By assigning experienced construction staff to project teams, we are able to identify items that, if modified, may ease the construction process, reduce the construction cost, and/or make the construction site safer. Through this process, we identify fatal flaws prior to construction, avoiding costly schedule delays.

Through the efficient use of several scheduling programs such as Primavera, SureTrak, and Microsoft Project, Amec Foster Wheeler has the capacity to develop and monitor large- and small-scale design and construction projects. We are able to graphically communicate project progress and to identify possible challenges in advance.

Amec Foster Wheeler excels in construction administration, providing comprehensive services including documents review, scheduling, inspecting, testing, processing of contractor progress draws, negotiating changes, and preparing change order and contract modifications. <br /><br /> <UL> <LI>Construction support services <LI>Quality Assurance/Quality Control Programs <LI>Soil, concrete and asphalt placement monitoring <LI>Materials testing <LI>Pile inspection and construction monitoring <LI>Construction specification compliance</LI> </UL>

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