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Gas T&D and CCS

Amec Foster Wheeler operates in select geographies internationally supporting the utility, oil & gas, and process industries with gas transmission and distribution services including:

We offer consultancy services for gas and CCS projects including: <br /><br /> <UL> <LI>Network modelling <LI>Pipelines <LI>Compresser stations <LI>LNG facilities <LI>Gas storage facilities <LI>FGD plants <LI>Biogas plants</LI> </UL>

Amec Foster Wheeler has leading edge capability in this regard with its in-house ‘DART’ aerial survey system. DART combines real time GIS mapping with the latest ‘point cloud’ laser scanning digital survey techniques to produce accurate 3D ground profiles. All Amec Foster Wheeler designers are trained in the use of PLS CADD software to undertake line design activities. <br /><br /> In mapping and routing studies identification of the optimum route is critical to the production of efficient design. Amec Foster Wheeler provides <a href="">environmental services</a> in the planning, development and delivery of projects.

<UL> <LI><b>Front End Engineering Design (FEED) feasibility studies</b><br />Development of fundamental system parameters, conceptual designs, technical evaluation of potential solutions, and economic evaluation of the costs of implementation of the various options for the bulk transmission of gas over long distances <LI><b>Uprating and refurbishment studies</b><br />Determination of suitable technical solutions and the associated economic costs for the uprating or extension of the asset life of existing gas transmission lines <LI><b>Detailed design</b><br />Amec Foster Wheeler can provide detailed designs of all types of gas transmission lines across the pressure range and specifications (from AISI to BS) <LI><b>Design life extension including asset condition surveys</b></LI> </UL>

<UL> <LI><b>Gas distribution</b><br />Amec Foster Wheeler’s transmission and distribution business is a leading utility solution provider on the UK Gas Distribution Network. Amec Foster Wheeler’s gas distribution business is currently working in partnership with our clients to deliver safety, performance, best practice and innovation, through the creative application of knowledge and technology. <LI>Amec Foster Wheeler specialises in the management and delivery of large regional programmes of work. The works encompass mains replacement, reinforcement, diversions, connections, governor replacements, emergency first response and metering services. <LI>We deliver programme management, project management, asset surveys, concept system engineering, environmental advice, engineering, training and delivery services including operations support from a range of in house resources with extensive experience and commitment <LI><b>Gas transmission</b><br />Amec Foster Wheeler is one of the leading cross country pipeline specialists in the UK focusing on the installation of high pressure welded steel pipelines. In particular Amec Foster Wheeler provides comprehensive support to National Grid the largest gas transmission operator in the UK as one of their tier one pipeline contractors.</LI> </UL>

Programme delivery of metering systems involves a range of programme management, logistic and customer service skills for both dumb and smart meters. Smart meters can provide local consumption information and effectively facilitate time based tariff applications for demand management. Deployment requires a range of skills including electrical, gas and telecommunications installation plus customer access and service skills. <br /><br /> Amec Foster Wheeler is able to offer highly productive programme management, logistics and field deployment services through experience in metering roll-out programmes and incentivisation of field technicians. In addition our field technician engagement model offers potential savings.

Smart grids incorporate a range sensors/instrumentation, automated substations and software to deliver information for asset management and network operation and maintenance activities including power/gas flow management and emergency response. We offer both consultancy and delivery skills in partnership with leading system integration suppliers. Amec Foster Wheeler is currently an active participant in industry forums including the World Economic Forum working group.

Amec Foster Wheeler offers specialised training from project management to field operatives. In addition to having one of the largest resources of trained personnel within the gas sector, Amec Foster Wheeler also trains personnel for the UK gas industry. We have a fully-equipped training school that provides a comprehensive range of training on all aspects of gas distribution and metering. Amec Foster Wheeler also has a fully-equipped training school at its premises in the North East of England that provides a full range of training on all aspects of construction of high voltage power transmission lines and facilities from operation through to linesmen.

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