Wood Group has combined with Amec Foster Wheeler to form a new global leader in the delivery of project, engineering and technical services to energy and industrial markets. To find out more about Wood visit our new website at www.woodplc.com


Amec Foster Wheeler provides a full range of innovative services to clients within the wind energy industry, including utilities, developers, investors and regulatory authorities. For more than 20 years, Amec Foster Wheeler has participated in numerous wind power projects ranging from single turbines to over 400MW. We deliver safe, dependable and cost effective results for both our clients and partners. 

Our in-house capability takes onshore and offshore projects from site identification, environmental assessment, and permitting, through engineering, design, project delivery and commissioning. We also provide turnkey EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) solutions. Our environmental team have completed over 300 wind farm feasibility assessments, and completed environmental impact assessments on more than 1.3GW of permitted wind energy schemes. 

Through our EPC project structure, we accommodate customer preferences during the development phases of the project, including equipment selection. Our projects are planned and designed to meet or exceed the requirements of regulatory agencies, and to address the concerns of local communities and landowners. We understand the issues related to constructability including micrositing, equipment lead times, geotechnical considerations, layout of roads, crane pads and equipment lay down areas, crane movements, and weather constraints. Amec Foster Wheeler has completed over 2,000MW of EPC contracts in the U.S. and Canada with another 400MW in the construction phase.

Amec Foster Wheeler has been involved in many of North America’s wind power projects, overall, we have participated in more than thirty completed wind farms ranging in size from 9MW to 300MW. With each client, Amec Foster Wheeler creates a 'one team' approach to accomplish the project goals and objectives – reliable and efficient operations, highest levels of safety and environmental performance, rigorous financial control, and investment in people and communities.

Our detailed list of services and sampling of clients include:

<UL> <LI>Site screening and selection <LI>Wind monitoring and data collection <LI>Wind resource evaluation <LI>Land use compatibility and availability <LI>Geotechnical investigations <LI>Site assessment and due diligence <LI>Fatal flaw analysis <LI>Engineering feasibility assessment</LI> </UL>

<UL> <LI>Licensing evaluation and strategy <LI>Environmental impact assessments <LI>Obtaining approvals and permits <LI>Public involvement <LI>Program planning and implementation</LI> </UL>

<UL> <LI>Electrical grid integration and connection <LI>Feasibility and impact studies <LI>Facilities studies <LI>Technical liaison with electrical utilities and power system operators</LI> </UL>

<UL> <LI>Wind turbine selection <LI>Micrositing and optimisation <LI>Civil works design (roads, crane pads, foundations <LI>Electrical design (collector systems, substations, power lines, reactive power compensation, control and communications <LI>Geotechnical engineering</LI> </UL>

<UL> <LI>Cost estimates <LI>Revenue projects <LI>Financial evaluation <LI>Negotiating energy sales agreements <LI>Due diligence reviews <LI>Greenhouse gas emission reduction credits</LI> </UL>

<UL> <LI>Project management <LI>Procuring equipment <LI>Site supervision <LI>Wind farm construction <LI>Commissioning and start-up <LI>Environmental and permit compliance <LI>Weather forecasting for crane operation <LI>Independent engineering services</LI> </UL>

<UL> <LI>Performance monitoring and reporting <LI>Fault diagnosis <LI>Regulatory compliance <LI>Short term energy forecasting for power system operation <LI>Environmental, health and safety management systems</LI> </UL>

Client include: <UL> <LI>Capital Power <LI>EDF EN <LI>Enbridge <LI>ENEL Green Power <LI>ENGIE <LI>FPL Energy (NextEra) <LI>Kruger Energy <LI>Northland Power <LI>Pattern Energy <LI>Samsung <LI>Sempra <LI>Suncor <LI>TransCanada Energy</LI> </UL>

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