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Clean fuels

With more than 70 hydrocrackers and over 150 hydrotreating units ‘under our belts’ in the last 20 years, as well as countless isomerisation and aromatics projects, from licensor evaluation through to full EPC, revamp to grassroots new build, we have a proven clean fuels track record.

We have an unrivalled track record in executing clean fuels projects. We understand the legislative issues. We have an in-depth knowledge and experience of a wide range of technologies, licensed and open-art, and help you select the right solution. We’ll design and build your chosen solution, safely and cost-effectively. We can fast-track projects, whether new build or revamps, so that you don’t need to invest before you have to meet upcoming deadlines.

Our clients can benefit from the learning we’ve gained in developing and executing clean fuels projects around the world. Our track record speaks for itself.

Here are five good reasons to choose us for your clean fuels project:

We help our clients develop the right investment plan, considering current and future markets and legislation, process unit configuration, offsites, utilities, infrastructure, constructability and project implementation strategies, all based on real data and real EPC experience.

We help you select the right technology for your current and future needs. We have detailed knowledge of a wide range of licensor and open-art technologies. We maintain close relationships with all major licensors and catalyst suppliers, while retaining our strict objectivity in finding the best solution for each client. We are also experienced in integrating biofuels into clean fuels projects and incorporating biofuels-derived blending components, and we are continually working on new technology solutions with clients and technology providers. We also have leading hydrogen and sulphur recovery technology.

We apply our EPC expertise to our study and consultancy work, and we apply our consultancy expertise to our FEED and EPC execution. We are flexible. Whatever the scale of your project, we can help.

Technical and logistics challenges are our speciality. If a project is particularly complex, most clients know to call Amec Foster Wheeler. We can deliver projects to meet your schedule and cost targets, to world-class HSE standards with minimum impact on existing facilities.

We deliver the whole clean fuels solution to optimise your refinery operation. Hydrogen availability and purity are constant concerns for refineries and can become a critical bottleneck. The addition of clean fuels units will invariably increase hydrogen demand and perhaps purity. We analyse the refinery hydrogen balance and recommend the minimum investment option to meet your hydrogen needs.

Should a new plant be required, we can provide leading hydrogen generation technology using our Terrace Wall™ steam reformers.

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