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Coal combustion residuals management

Since matter can be neither created nor destroyed, pollution control is a case of transforming a pollutant from one phase or media to another in order to manage it.  Such is the case with coal combustion residuals (CCR) – bottom ash and fly ash produced through combustion of coal and flue gas desulfurization materials produced by the removal of SO2 from stack gases. Although approximately 40% of these CCRs are beneficially re-used (e.g. in cement or wallboard) the majority of these materials are currently disposed of in onsite impoundments or landfills.

On 17 April 2015 the EPA published rules for the safe and effective disposal of these materials under the authority of Subtitle D of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. These rules govern the siting, design, operation and closure of CCR management facilities in order to prevent environmental pollution other impacts upon the public and environment caused by catastrophic failure of the facility.

Amec Foster Wheeler has worked with its major coal generation clients for over two decades in helping them plan, design and construct facilities for CCR storage, including providing consultation on permitting, hazard assessment and environmental protection issues. Now, under the EPA CCR Rules we are one of the largest providers of compliance consulting, including new facility design and construction, ash relocation and facility closure.

We have over 400 personnel working on CCR management issues including geotechnical engineers, environmental engineers, civil engineers, hydrogeologists, environmental scientists and construction managers.

<UL> <LI>Location assessment <LI>Hazard assessment (subsidence, faulting, seismic, slope stability) <LI>Operation procedures <LI>Air quality management <LI>Stormwater management <LI>Periodic inspections <LI>PE certifications</LI> </UL>

<UL> <LI>Site location and permitting <LI>Landfill design <LI>Liner design and quality control <LI>Construction management <LI>Construction quality control</LI> </UL>

<UL> <LI>Evaluation of alternatives <LI>Written closure plan <LI>Waste stabilisation options <LI>Impervious cover options <LI>Liquids management <LI>Closure management</LI> </UL>

<UL> <LI>Groundwater monitoring system design <LI>Monitoring well design, installation and development <LI>Sampling and analysis programmes <LI>Detection monitoring programme and statistical analysis <LI>Corrective action program development <LI>Data management</LI> </UL>

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