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Safety, licensing & regulatory

Safety services
Our global safety services cover the whole of the nuclear lifecycle from early feasibility studies, through generation, life extension and long term operational support to providing safety consulting on decommissioning and waste management activities. We use our extensive nuclear experience and integrated safety management processes to ensure safety issues and constraints are recognised within the context of any change. 

We are technology independent and have comprehensive experience of all major reactor types; PWR, BWR, CANDU, VVER, AGR, RBMK, Magnox, GenIV technologies, SMR, Fusion. 

All of our safety solutions are developed, assessed and verified before any recommendations are made to our customers. 

Meeting the legislative safety requirements of the highly regulated nuclear industry can also be a major challenge for companies. Our safety teams apply their in-depth knowledge of international regulatory bodies to help our customers develop safety processes and methodologies that enable them to meet licensing conditions. 

Key services include: 

  • Full modern standards safety case production, writing operating manuals and management
  • Advice relating to all aspects of safety during optioneering
  • Fault identification studies (HAZOP I and II, FMEA)
  • Deterministic and Probabilistic Safety Analysis (PSA)
  • Radiological Hazard Analyses (Consequence Assessment, DBA, ALARP)
  • Independent Nuclear Safety Assessment (INSA)
  • Support, advice and document production during decommissioning
  • Shielding design and substantiation
  • Internal and external hazards assessments
  • Fire and explosion analysis 
Our integrated engineering substantiation and safety case services support the creation of robust, in-depth safety cases whilst minimising interface issues and harmonising the safety case and engineering processes.

<div>At Amec Foster Wheeler we develop bespoke software solutions for our customers and have our own proprietary systems that are used globally. Packages such as TURBOLIFE component lifetime assessment software to assess materials properties and stresses or <a href="http://www.answerssoftwareservice.com/" target="_blank">ANSWERS Software Service</a> which supplies supply high quality software and consultancy services for customers world-wide in the areas of reactor physics, radiation shielding, dosimetry, nuclear criticality, well logging and nuclear data.</div><div><br /></div><div>Established software packages, dedicated helpline and support services, and the availability of experienced consultants and analysts provide a comprehensive capability to solve customer problems in areas such as nuclear safety, plant performance and operational efficiency.</div>

<div>We have guided our global clients through the regulatory process, by providing support in licensing approvals and understanding environmental issues with respect to technical requirements. Our licensing knowledge extends from project feasibility and risk reduction through to licensing and permissioning.&nbsp;</div><div><br /></div><div>A key element to our licensing support includes working closely with our customers to ensure the implementation of ‘country specific contexts’, to meet local regulatory requirements, into the production of technical specifications addressing regulations, standards and best practice. &nbsp;We support mapping of codes and standards to equivalent standards in each country and provide clarity in cases where translation is required. We have also played a key role in the localisation of the reactor technology into the statutory regulatory environment.&nbsp;</div><div><br /></div><div>Our work includes the following areas:</div><div><br /></div><div><ul><li>Development of Generic Design Assessment (GDA) strategies for new nuclear build</li><li>Providing a robust generic safety case to support the GDA</li><li>Structural integrity safety case authoring (including relating defect tolerance to NDE requirements)</li><li>Optioneering studies and ALARP assessments</li><li>Periodic safety reviews</li><li>Plant lifetime extension (PLEX) reviews</li><li>Independent technical assurance</li><li>Independent nuclear safety assessment</li><li>Independent peer review</li><li>Regulatory advice</li></ul></div><br />

Amec Foster Wheeler’s Regulatory Support Directorate (RSD) is an independent organisation providing regulatory support services to the UK’s statutory and defence nuclear safety regulators. RSD’s sole business is the provision of independent nuclear safety regulatory support. We are a stand-alone, ring-fenced, autonomous organisation owned by Amec Foster Wheeler but totally separated from operations and business activities within the broader Amec Foster Wheeler organisation. We provide support across the full CADMID lifecycle against the entire range of regulatory activities and are the UK member of the European Technical Safety Organisation Network (ETSON).

<div>We are the largest nuclear industry human factors consultancy team in the UK, with experience of working in both nuclear and other high-hazard environments. We are experts in human factors techniques that reduce the risk of human error and enhance organisational processes and productivity. We work collaboratively with our customers and partners which include government institutions, vendors, owners and operators of nuclear and other industry facilities, universities and consultancies.</div><div><br /></div><div>The team’s extensive experience in the nuclear sector ensures comprehensive knowledge of international best practice with respect to human factors; the team has a wealth of knowledge of the relevant codes and standards applicable to the industry. We provide support and consultancy throughout the plant lifecycle, from new build to decommissioning projects, to enhance the usability, operability and reliability of systems offering high quality practical solutions tailored to meet specific client needs. Our services cover the following areas:</div><div><br /></div><div><ul><li>Integrate human factors into safety cases, reviews and design activities (e.g. task, human error and reliability assessment)</li><li>Design systems, equipment and facilities to enhance usability, operability and reliability of systems, meeting user requirements and minimising the potential for human error</li><li>Enhance safety culture through training, systematic assessment and practical improvements</li><li>Address specific human performance issues and challenges (e.g. procedure violations)</li><li>Develop and deliver effective training and procedure systems</li></ul></div><br />


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