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Plant operational support

For decades, Amec Foster Wheeler has provided independent support to operators facing ever-increasing challenges to ensure their plants are as safe and efficient as possible. We understand operational issues and their impact on plant performance and assist customers to maximise performance. 

We played a significant role as principal designer and constructor of the first and second generation UK civil nuclear power plants and today provide essential safety consultancy and operational engineering support to operators in the UK, Canada, the US, and internationally.

Our involvement in the design and technical input for almost all current and past reactors gives us a crucial advantage in the depth and breadth of our knowledge about design and safety. Today, we focus on working with our clients to drive up lifecycle asset uptime and availability and provide an operational capacity that matches market demand. 

Life extension
Amec Foster Wheeler provides technical and engineering solutions to extend the life of ageing nuclear power plants. Extending any complex nuclear asset beyond its original design life takes a deep understanding of nuclear engineering and the plant’s systems. Building upon the understanding of both design intent and operational experience allows extended operational scope to be defined and implemented. 

Performance improvement 
Amec Foster Wheeler reviews and assesses plant operations and provides a solution to improve output and increase efficiency. We support our power generation clients through targeted engineering investment and maintaining and exploiting operational margin to drive performance, enabling plants to increase generating capacity while remaining just as safe. This work is underpinned by our experience of leading extensive change and delivery programmes at Sellafield in the UK, the world’s most challenging nuclear site, where we were part of Nuclear Management Partners, the consortium which owned and operated Sellafield from 2008 to 2016.  

Outage support 
Over the past five years we have provided support to over 35 outages in 17 reactor units in Canada alone. We continue to support unit outages by providing high quality assessments that are effective in securing unit restart approvals to the required schedule. We support the routine outage processes of our clients from basic engineering change to developing refuelling safety cases and managing critical projects.


UK & Europe

Clive White
President, Clean Energy
Tel: +44 1565 652100

US and Canada

John MacKinnon
President, PPA Nuclear
Tel: +1 416 592 4360

Abdy Khanpour
Vice President, Nuclear, US
Tel: +1 770 688 2943

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