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Life extension & long-term operation

Amec Foster Wheeler provides technical and engineering solutions to extend the life of nuclear power plants. This requires a deep understanding of nuclear engineering and system structures and components within these assets. Building upon the understanding of both design intent and operational experience allows extended operational scope to be defined and implemented.  With effective inspection and maintenance practices, ageing degradation can be managed and operational life can be extended well beyond what was originally planned.

Amec Foster Wheeler has successfully planned and managed major refurbishment projects on behalf of nuclear power plant owners, and has extensive experience providing support to manage the long-term safety and performance of critical system structures and components of nuclear power plants, ensuring compliance with local regulations, codes and standards. In Canada, we are an industry leader in developing ageing management plans and programmes.

Plant life management/Plant life extension (PLiM/PLEx)
In Canada, Amec Foster Wheeler has added value to operating nuclear power plants through evaluating strategies to maximise plant value by recovering output that has been lost owing to de-rating, increasing the capacity factor, managing projects, and optimising outage frequency and length. PLiM/PLEx applications also include Plant Life Cycle Management decision support, including an evaluation of refurbishment scope/cost and, as the plant ages, the capacity factor and maintenance cost.

Ageing management
Ageing management in the nuclear industry acknowledges that all systems and equipment degrade over time.
Amec Foster Wheeler has prepared ageing management programmes, in the form of life cycle management plans (LCMPs) and condition assessments (CAs) for our Canadian clients. These have established the technical basis for strategies, programmes and plans for managing the long-term safety and performance of critical system structures and components. The long-term plans provide alternative action schedules and related cost estimates. LCMPs are an essential input for strategic planning.

Amec Foster Wheeler has also assisted with the development of equipment reliability programmes and optimisation to support ageing management and long term operation, with the intent of reducing engineering burdens, increasing efficiency and implementation of industry best practice (IAEA AP-913, NS-G2.12, etc).


UK & Europe

Clive White
President, Clean Energy
Tel: +44 1565 652100

US and Canada

John MacKinnon
President, PPA Nuclear
Tel: +1 416 592 4360

Abdy Khanpour
Vice President, Nuclear, US
Tel: +1 770 688 2943

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