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Engineering, remote ops & test rigs

Amec Foster Wheeler’s engineering development teams have been providing consultancy and expertise to power and process industries for forty years. The engineering development team are a unique and very flexible partner. 

  • Rapid response and pragmatic engineering approach
  • Total solution capability
  • Strong, flexible and energetic engineering team backed with experienced experts
  • Integrated workshop is a key differentiator.

Our engineering design capabilities span from concept and optioneering to detailed design and build. Our in-house process, mechanical, electrical, control and instrumentation, civil and building services engineers work in multi-discipline teams to apply advanced, innovative and safety-critical approaches to your project.<br /><br />Our considerable expertise in supporting your engineering requirements for all major reactor types worldwide, including PWR, BWR, CANDU, VVER, AGR, RMBK, Magnox, GenIV technologies, SMR and Fusion enabling us to provide a range of highly specialised services to some of the most challenging technical issues associated with reactor designs. This, with our knowledge of licensing regimes, provides critical support when granting reactor-type licence approval and resolving safety and regulatory issues.

Our expertise spans the total requirement of any nuclear asset, from special purpose remote handling equipment, shielded flasks, rotating machinery, heat exchangers, filtration and dewatering equipment, mechanical handling plant and cranes, power plant, boilers, pipe work and ejector/pumping systems and vessels.

We manage contracts ranging from minor plant services to the provision of complete large commercial process and power plants and have capability that extends across the range of standard and maintained supplies at all voltages.

We have a wide range of experience in advanced control and instrument systems for process plants and building services, including modern digital, analogue and pneumatic control and measurement techniques and their implementation. Our specific capability in management of ageing and obsolescence allows us to define cost effective solutions leading to Plant Life Extension and improved operability.

Assets such as reactors, cranes, platforms, rigs and their respective components require ongoing engineering structural assessment. This is to analyse their safety and operational performance as a result of stress, fatigue, corrosion and other material behaviours.<br /><br />Our specialist team of engineers provide structural integrity services including material properties analysis, materials modelling, fatigue and fracture assessment, stress analysis and measurement over a wide range of physical scales and temperatures.

Remote operations and inspection is a key service provided by the team and crucial to minimising dose uptake as it allows the necessary information / data to be gathered or task implemented without exposing personnel to the hazardous environment. The development work we carry out on new and existing tools and techniques is generally focused on reducing timescales (both to reduce whatever dose uptake might remain, and to reduce time demands within the outage window) and improving efficiency/effectiveness.<br /><br /> <UL> <LI>Sludge removal and separation, immobilisation and storage <LI>Decontamination and effluent control <LI>Experimental trials <LI>Encapsulation <LI>Volume reduction, dissolution and waste minimisation <LI>Thermal treatment demonstration facilities <LI>Remote handling and inspection: initial/design studies including computer modelling; development of hardware, systems, and techniques; mock-up trials and operator training; implementation on-site <LI>Developing new systems and techniques to address emergent remote inspection / operations issues <LI>Plant data acquisition and analysis (noise, vibration, stress, etc.): initial studies; on-site data acquisition; analysis and interpretation of data and related assessment and computer modelling / simulation services <LI>Whole project tasks from initial studies through to equipment specification, development, trials, staff training, and ultimately site deployment</UL>

<UL> <LI>Unique specialist application used to seal holes in inaccessible pipe work <LI>Cost effective alternative to replacing or repairing pipe work in inaccessible areas when, for example, it is buried in concrete, located underground or in radioactive areas <LI>Proven effective in sealing over 500 leaks at over 40 sites worldwide <LI>Technology is based on several products including clays, water miscible epoxies and fibres <LI>No effect on the heat transfer capabilities of the pipes <LI>Can be used for many different applications across a variety of industries including oil, gas and petrochemical <LI>Many previously intractable leak problems have been solved by the leak sealing team - some avoiding enforced plant shutdowns. </LI>

We provide a full manufacturing capability both for rigs and mock-ups and also for deliverable equipment. We have fully equipped mechanical workshops with full machining, welding and fabrication facilities, and have well-established relationships with sub-contractors to augment our capability where required.<br /><br /> <UL> <LI>Experimental and developmental services: conception, design, build and operation of test rigs and plant mock-ups, and analysis and reporting of resulting data <LI>Extensive facilities which can accommodate large test rigs <LI>Comprehensive test rig design, build and operate capability <LI>Active and inactive laboratories <LI>A wide range of analytical equipment & instrumentation support <LI>Waste technology laboratory <LI>Environmental curing facility <LI>Ion-exchange resin testing laboratory <LI>Largest UK alkali metal laboratory outside of Dounreay <LI>Unique high temperature oxidation facility <LI>Corrosion loops <LI>ILW shielded cell (*being installed - to further enhance capability) </UL> <br /> Plant data acquisition and analysis (noise, vibration, stress, etc.): initial studies; on-site data acquisition; analysis and interpretation of data and related assessment and computer modelling/simulation services.


Clive White
President, Clean Energy
Tel: +44 1565 652100

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