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Analytical services

Through our Analytical Services business, Amec Foster Wheeler operates one of the UK's largest radiochemical laboratories and provides independent testing facilities for all aspects of radiochemical analysis. The laboratory is UKAS accredited for a diverse range of analyses and matrices.

We provide analysis for a range of customers including nuclear operators, decommissioning contractors, contaminated land consultants, local authorities, regulators, water companies and defence establishments. Typical samples include soils, waters, biota, vegetation, milk, and sea life.

The experienced, multi-skilled team can also offer consultancy support, training, research and development services. Our radiochemists and dedicated project management team effectively co-ordinate and manage analysis programmes to meet your schedule, expectations and budget.

As a commercial organisation, we understand the importance of delivering results on time. Our electronic in-house Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) tracks all sample data from arrival through to reporting and archiving, and enables us to monitor our progress and deal with any queries effectively.

<b>Gross Screening Analysis</b> <UL> <LI>Gross alpha <LI>Gross beta <LI>High Resolution Gamma Spectrometry The calibrated energy range is 60 keV to 2000 keV</LI> </UL><br /> <b>Beta-emitter analysis</b> <UL> <LI>Tritium in water <LI>Tritium in solids/aqueous solutions <LI>Carbon-14 <LI>Strontium-90 <LI>Iodine-129 <LI>Calcium-45 <LI>Samarium-151 <LI>Promethium-147 <LI>Nickel-63 <LI>Iron-55 <LI>Technetium-99 <LI>Chlorine-36 <LI>Plutonium-241</LI> </UL><br /> <b>Alpha-emitter analysis</b> <UL> <LI>Natural uranium isotopes (238U, 235U, 234U) <LI>Recycled uranium isotopes (238U, 236U, 235U, 234U, 233U, 232U) <LI>Plutonium isotopes (239+240Pu, 238Pu) <LI>Americium-241 and curium isotopes (242Cm, 243+244Cm) <LI>Thorium isotopes (232Th, 230Th, 228Th) <LI>Radium-226 <LI>Radon-222 in water <LI>Polonium-210</LI </UL>

<UL> <LI>Brick <LI>Concrete <LI>Rebar <LI>Drain sludge <LI>Roof tiles <LI>Roof felt <LI>Wood <LI>Oil <LI>Degreaser residue <LI>Grit blast media <LI>Asbestos <LI>Lead <LI>Aluminium <LI>Steel <LI>Mixed metal alloys <LI>Furnace slag <LI>Ion exchange resins <LI>Boiler insulation <LI>Floor sweepings <LI>Uranic residues <LI>Solvents <LI>Filter bed media <LI>Filters <LI>Rockwool <LI>Solvents <LI>Diesels <LI>Swabs <LI>Coupons soft wastes <LI>Plastics <LI>Foods.</LI> </UL>

We operate a quality system to the requirements of BS EN ISO 17025:2005 for our analytical and testing services, which has been assessed by UKAS. We are a UKAS accredited laboratory (no.1011) and the scope of accreditation applies to specific test procedures listed in the laboratory’s schedule of accreditation.<br /><br /> <a href="http://www.ukas.org/testing/schedules/Actual/1011Testing%20Single.pdf">See our UKAS Accreditation Schedule</a>

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