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Our pipeline capabilities encompass entire project life cycle, from concept through design, construction, operation, and decommissioning, for:

  • Onshore and cross-country pipelines
  • Marine pipelines
  • Pump, compression, and metering facilities
  • Valve stations
  • Pigging facilities
  • Gathering and distribution hub facilities
Areas of expertise include:
  • Land and right-of-way (ROW) survey and acquisition support
  • Field architecture design
  • Pipeline routing, looping and alignment
  • Pipeline protection systems, anchor and support systems
  • Pipeline material selection, sizing, and procurement assistance
  • Environmental impact assessments, investigations, and mitigation plans
  • Pipeline integrity management system development and implementation
  • Pipeline protection via corrosion prevention and mitigation
  • Pipe stress analysis 
  • Regulatory filing and permitting services
  • Flow assurance and hydraulic modeling 
  • Shore crossings via open-cut or directional-drill
  • High-pressure export lines/low pressure gas gathering systems
  • Water management infrastructure, including suction and discharge pipelines
  • Mitigation of operational challenges posed by slugging, shutdown & start-up, surge, etc.

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