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Laboratories and research facilities

Amec Foster Wheeler has successfully designed specialist laboratories and technology intensive facilities across a wide range of industries and research sectors. We deliver projects through extensive client collaboration, from initial concept to handover, with a commitment to deliver building solutions and services design, tailored to meet end user needs and specific compliance regulatory requirements. 

Through completion of many specialist laboratory projects, Amec Foster Wheeler has developed broad experience in: 

  • Animal housing, quarantine and testing laboratories (PC/BSL rated and SPF)
  • Biological containment laboratories (PC2 [BSL2]), PC3 [BSL3] and PC4 [BSL4])
  • Controlled environment rooms, warm rooms, coolrooms, freezers stability storage rooms
  • Clean – contained laboratories, including sterile and aseptic facilities
  • Forensic testing laboratories
  • Hazardous, toxic, cytotoxic and pyrophoric gas laboratories
  • Laser, electron microscopy, nano fabrication and specialty instrument laboratories
  • Material sciences, plastics, metals and fibres laboratories
  • Microbiology, PCR and cell culture laboratories
  • Physical test, radiation and electronics laboratories
  • Photo voltaic R&D and microelectronic component assembly laboratories
  • QA/QC laboratories
  • Technology development laboratories
  • Wet and dry chemical laboratories

Our specific design and compliance certification expertise includes (from concept design to detailed design, construction and commissioning): 

  • Architectural and building services (HVAC, electrical, instrumentation & controls,  hydraulics)
  • Chemicals and solvents handling and reticulation
  • Continuous processing
  • Cryogenic systems
  • Dust, vapour and emissions control, odour control, scrubbers
  • Explosion proof facilities
  • Fumigation systems
  • Hazardous and flammable goods handling and storage
  • Laboratory gases
  • Laboratory water (filtered water, purified water, water for injection)
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Modularisation
  • Stringent environmental conditions control (temperature, humidity, pressure, particles)
  • Ventilation and fume extraction
  • Waste treatment (biological liquid waste, chemical waste, toxic waste)


Marco Bolognini
Business Development
MIlan, Italy
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Nenad Firez
BD Manager
Australia and SE Asia
Tel: +61 3 8480 1009


Michal Gilzenrat
Sector Leader - Process Industries
Tel: +1 770 688 2550


Valerio Sala
Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Healthcare Director
+39 024486.6713

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