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Food and beverage

Amec Foster Wheeler provides environmental and permitting, planning, engineering design, and construction management services to the food processing and manufacturing industries. 

Amec Foster Wheeler has a team of experienced professionals that understand the approach to projects and designs. In our collaborative culture, we are open to suggestions from our colleagues, and we delegate responsibility for implementation. The leadership team on each project drives efficiency by focusing the entire team on the project’s goals and the performance criteria.

Amec Foster Wheeler works in a wide range of food industry segments. Many of our senior staff have more than 30 years of food industry experience and have implemented hundreds of projects in food facilities all over the world. Our assignments have ranged from process evaluations to complete manufacturing facilities for Fortune 100 companies, as well as single-site, regional food companies and start-up operations. Our food industry experience includes:

Bakery products 
Beverages & juice
Brewery & distilled spirits
Cake mix production
Clinical nutrition & nutraceuticals
Cookies & crackers
Cereal & pasta
Dairy products & yogurt
Dry infant formula
Edible oil crush & refineries

Flour, grains & bulk materials
Frozen foods
Meat & poultry products
Packaged foods
Pet foods
Prepared & frozen dough
Snack foods & nuts
Soups & sauces
Spray dried products
Sugar, corn syrup & bulk handling

We provide complete design services for every facet of food processing and manufacturing plants. Specialists and professionals in all aspects of the supply chain are available to support the customer’s ‘in-house’ team in investigating issues and recommending solutions. Our goal is to provide each customer with the optimal design solution, the first time.

<ul><li>Aseptic processing</li><li style="">Baking</li><li style="">Batch &amp; continuous processes</li><li style="">Blending</li><li style="">Bulk material handling – liquid / dry</li><li style="">Cereal processing</li><li style="">Clean-in-place (CIP) systems</li><li style="">Cogeneration</li><li style="">Cooking / heating</li><li style="">Conveying</li><li style="">Distillation</li><li style="">Drying</li><li style="">Extrusion &amp; co-extrusion</li><li style="">Fermentation</li><li style="">Grinding / milling</li><li style="">Industrial hygiene</li><li style="">Mixing</li><li style="">Oilseed processing</li><li style="">Packaging - A to Z</li><li style="">Process controls / instrumentation</li><li style="">Process development</li><li style="">Refrigeration / freezing systems</li><li style="">Spray drying</li><li style="">Utilities</li><li style="">Warehousing</li><li style="">Water / wastewater</li><li style="">Weighing<br style="" /><br /></li></ul>

<ul><li>Equipment arrangements</li><li style="">Equipment selection</li><li style="">Front end engineering development</li><li style="">Instrumentation specifications</li><li style="">Mass and energy balance</li><li style="">Operation training</li><li style="">Pre-commissioning planning</li><li style="">Process bottleneck analysis</li><li style="">Process commissioning</li><li style="">Process design</li><li style="">Process piping</li><li style="">Procurement support</li><li style="">Process systems integration</li><li style="">Simulation<br style="" /><br /></li></ul>

<ul><li>Commissioning / start-up</li><li style="">Equipment arrangements</li><li style="">Equipment selection</li><li style="">Front end engineering development</li><li style="">Operations training</li><li style="">Packaging bottleneck analysis</li><li style="">Packaging systems integration</li><li style="">Packaging system optimizations</li><li style="">Pre-commissioning planning</li><li style="">Procurement support</li><li style="">Safety and ergonomic design</li><li style="">Simulation<br style="" /><br /></li></ul>

<ul><li>Code review and analysis</li><li>Fire protection</li><li style="">Design and space planning</li><li style="">Interior design</li><li style="">Specifications<br style="" /></li></ul>

<ul><li>Exterior utilities</li><li style="">Foundations</li><li style="">Grading, retention ponds, sidewalks etc.</li><li style="">Parking lots, roadways, etc<br style="" /></li></ul>

<ul><li><span style="font-size:10.0pt;mso-ansi-language:EN-US" lang="EN-US"></span>On-site safety &amp; quality control monitoring<br style="" /></li><li style="" class="AFWMemoBody">Self-performance of all activities</li><li style="" class="AFWMemoBody">Estimating &amp; procurement pre-construction services<br style="" /></li><li style="" class="AFWMemoBody">Scheduling<br style="" /></li><li style="" class="AFWMemoBody">Site CM service<br style="" /></li></ul>

<ul><li>Air quality</li><li style="">Energy management</li><li style="">Environmental auditing and planning</li><li style="">Environmental engineering</li><li style="">Environmental impact and permitting</li><li style="">Environmental management</li><li style="">Geotechnical engineering</li><li style="">Geographic information systems</li><li style="">LEED certification</li><li style="">Remediation</li><li style="">Risk assessment</li><li style="">Site assessment and characterization</li><li style="">Waste management</li><li style="">Water resources</li></ul>

<ul><li>Arc flash analysis</li><li style="">Commissioning/start-up</li><li style="">Control systems engineering</li><li style="">Energy management</li><li style="">Lighting systems</li><li style="">Motor control</li><li style="">PLC and HMI programming</li><li style="">Power/controls design</li><li style="">Power distribution</li><li style="">Power studies</li><li style="">Project definition / estimating</li></ul>

<ul><li>HVAC</li><li style="">Chemical processing facilities</li><li style="">Clean rooms and clean manufacturing</li><li style="">Dust collection</li><li style="">Food plants &amp; low temperature areas</li><li style="">Hazardous environments</li><li style="">Humidity control</li><li style="">Pharmaceutical</li><li style="">Piping design</li><li style="">3D design</li><li style="">Fabrication isometric generation</li><li style="">Process engineering</li><li style="">Utility / HVAC</li><li style="">Utility plants / distribution system</li><li style="">Chilled water</li><li style="">Gas systems (air, nitrogen, specialty gases)</li><li style="">Refrigeration (including ammonia)</li><li style="">Steam / high pressure hot water</li></ul>

<ul><li>Bid package development</li><li style="">Bid package evaluation</li><li style="">Bidder pre-qualification</li><li style="">Deliverable expediting</li></ul>

<ul><li>Capital cost estimating</li><li style="">Contracting strategies/bid package</li><li style="">Facilities assessment</li><li style="">Life cycle cost analysis</li><li style="">Planning &amp; scheduling</li><li style="">RFP &amp; bid package development</li><li style="">Risk assessment</li><li style="">Project management</li></ul>

<ul><li>Structural engineering</li><li style="">Design and detailing</li><li style="">Equipment supports and building</li></ul>

We focus on creating value for our clients. Our success is based on a relationship driven approach to project delivery summarised below:

  • Understanding our client’s organisational and strategic goals and the competitive nature of their industry
  • Delivering cost-effective solutions via an integrated team approach, working as an extension of the client’s own project team
  • Extensive project experience in the power and process industries
  • Application of proprietary project management technologies and other web-based tools for project delivery
  • Project management procedures that deliver scope, budget, schedule, safety and quality accountability


Nenad Firez
BD Manager
Australia and SE Asia
Tel: +61 3 8480 1009


Jeff Stewart
Director, Food & Beverage
Southeastern US
+1 770 688 2518


Iain McNerlin
BD Manager, Food & Beverage
North and Western US

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