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Forest industry consulting

Amec Foster Wheeler’s Forest Industry Consulting business has been providing independent business consulting expertise to the global forest products and supporting industries for more than 40 years.

Amec Foster Wheeler offers clients unbiased and thorough analyses for strategic asset planning in the global graphic paper, container board, consumer packaging, tissue, recovered paper and pulp markets. We deliver expert skills, analytical ability and professional judgment to supplement many of our clients’ key decisions. Our business provides confidential solutions that meet competitive requirements linking together markets, economics, technology and resources.

Our consultants specialise in optimising the links between end-use markets, product design, fibre characteristics, process technologies, mill location, management structure, investment economics and other factors which influence investment feasibility. We conduct investor due diligence assignments and feasibility studies and have years of experience in leading capital project monitoring assignments as the Lenders’ Consultant or Independent Engineer.

<p>Amec Foster Wheeler helps clients maintain a competitive advantage. We understand the print media and packaging end-use markets, drivers, and competition from alternative packaging materials. We deliver solutions to assist you in meeting the needs of the market and incorporating emerging technologies.<br /><br />We offer a variety of tools and services to optimise your organisation’s performance and profitability. Our customer-needs research, market segmentation and pricing analyses, due diligence marketing and customer reviews, macro and micro supply and demand analyses as well as presentations on market-driven issues are designed to assist your move forward in today’s rapidly changing market.<br /><br />Services:</p><ul><li>End-use market intelligence</li><li style="">Customer needs research</li><li style="">Market segmentation</li><li style="">Pricing analysis</li><li style="">Supply / demand analysis and forecasts</li><li style="">Presentations on market-driven issues<br style="" /></li></ul>

<div>Our economic and investment analyses are conducted with an understanding of technical and market factors as well as a critical evaluation of financial data. We perform due diligence assessments reviewing plans, facilities, competitive cost analysis and economics to confirm investor confidence.</div><div><br /></div><div>We also provide ongoing project monitoring to satisfy lenders’ requirements. Our economists focus on global fibre and forest products as well as cost and price forecasting. Our services further extend to economic analysis of investment options and pinpointing the competitive strengths and weaknesses of client&nbsp;</div><div>operations.</div><div><br /></div><div>Services:</div><div><ul><li>Acquisition studies</li><li>Feasibility assessments</li><li>Asset valuations</li><li>Competitive cost analyses</li><li>Cash flow development</li><li>Pricing and financial projections</li></ul></div>

<div>Our technology practice seeks to apply appropriate new and emerging technologies to improve competitiveness and reduce environmental impact. Our multi-disciplined technical specialists have implemented new technologies in forestry, wood processing, pulping, papermaking, converting, energy efficiency and recovered paper for clients around the world.</div><div><br /></div><div>In addition, our specialists have extensive experience in teaming up with mill operations and maintenance staff to plan, &nbsp;improve and produce a variety of forest products. We routinely undertake performance-based assignments to improve earnings through enhanced operations and maintenance management.</div><div>&nbsp;</div><div>Services:</div><div><ul><li>Technology assessment and evaluation</li><li>Technology transfer</li><li>Environmental process technology</li><li>Project management</li><li>Operations assistance</li></ul></div>

<div>Our business has wide experience in both virgin and secondary fibre utilisation. We are well-versed in temperate and tropical forestry practices for fast-growing plantations using advanced genetic technologies. We understand the importance of high-quality, low-cost and specific fibre requirements of forest products manufacturing.</div><div><br /></div><div>Our strength is in providing quantitative and economic analysis of the resource to evaluate new and existing businesses, and to value timberlands. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of recovered paper markets and recognizing the need for secure fibre, we assist clients with strategic secondary fibre sourcing.</div><div>&nbsp;</div><div>Services:</div><div><ul><li>Forest resource assessment</li><li>Fibre supply and demand</li><li>Secondary fibre utilisation</li><li>Recovered paper supply and demand</li><li>Biofuels and biomass</li></ul></div>

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