Solar thermal plants

Amec Foster Wheeler has been developing solar power market equipment since 1973. The technology was first started by Amec Foster Wheeler Solar Development Corporation in support of 27 thermal solar projects and studies for the Department of Energy and major utilities.

In recent years, the solar power market has emerged with advanced parabolic trough technology as well as the power tower. Foster Wheeler currently serves both technologies as well as contributing to the design and supply of various types of power towers. The solar boiler island design is able to control the heat exchanger starting ramps, while reducing the thermal shock which avoids steaming and keeps the stability to low loads.

In addition to supplying evaporators, reheaters, and steam generating components, Foster Wheeler traditionally supplies the power related condenser, feedwater heaters, and deaerator to support the total system. Foster Wheeler continues to be a leader in the solar power market with our recent awards in Spain and the US.


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