Pulverized coal steam generators

Our utility pulverized coal (PC) steam generators have proven themselves with over 15 million hours of operation, up to 1,000 MWe in size and burning a wide range of coals from anthracite to sub-bituminous fuels, petroleum cokes, oils, and gases.

Our natural circulation boilers are designed to be inherently safe by naturally increasing water flow as tube heat flow increases, under normal or upset scenarios, without relying on pumps.

This safety feature is also included in our supercritical once-through BENSON Vertical Tube (BVT) design, offered as a design option on all our utility PC, oil and gas, steam generators.

BVT is a highly efficient supercritical steam technology which can produce steam more efficiently and thereby more cleanly than conventional steam generation technology while offering a safe natural-circulation characteristic, simple construction and low maintenance.


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