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Terrace Wall™ steam reformers

Our proprietary Terrace Wall™ reformer technology features a high-efficiency radiant section consisting of a fire-box with a single row of catalyst tubes. 

This reformer design allows for process requirements and cost to be optimised without sacrificing reliability and run length. Reformers of this type have been in operation for many decades and under different operating conditions.

Terraced burners on either side of the tubes provide a uniform heat input and eliminate the risk of flame impingement to the tubes. The convection section has several coils, which recover heat from the flue gas leaving the radiant section for various process and utility duties.
Our Terrace Wall technology offers several advantages over competing technologies.

Find out more about our Terrace Wall process.

Our Terrace Wall delayed coker design is very well-suited for maximum modularisation of the radiant section, convection section, air preheat system and stack.

  • Radiant modules include all pressure parts, and tubes already equipped with tube skin thermocouples
  • Tube supports, refractory, sight ports, burners and air ducts are included (depending on transportation restrictions)
  • Full-height radiant modules
  • Half-height radiant modules shippable by truck
  • Convection bank fully tubed and insulated

Benefits of modularisation:

  • Improves quality and overall schedule
  • Increases productivity
  • Minimises site construction of field welds
  • Reduces erection time
  • Savings in total installed costs.

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