Waste heat recovery units

Waste heat recovery is one of our longest-standing core competences. The steam generation part of the business is well over 100 years old and we are one of oldest and most trusted names in steam generation. We have combined that knowledge of steam generation with our abilities in oil services to provide a full-service approach to heat recovery applications, whether off-gas turbines or process gas streams.

Waste heat recovery units (WHRU) are similar to heat recovery steam generators except that the waste heat is recovered to process fluids, reboiler services, or any other media except for steam.

We have significant experience in WHRU design and supply, including those required for heating of very wide and different process streams, including:

  • Crude oil
  • Distillate
  • Residue
  • Hot oil
  • Amine
  • Regeneration gas
  • Hot water
Unlike steam generation, which is relatively easy due to the great heat transfer characteristics, heat recovery to process streams can be more difficult as a variety of process related conditions need to be considered, such as maximum film temperatures, low heat transfer coefficients, and pressure drop considerations when designing the heat recovery coils.
Our wealth of expertise in designing and supplying direct-fired heaters for the process units is a valuable input to our WHRU designs.

Our WHRUs are generally configured with horizontally disposed tubes, designed to suit the various process requirements. The flue gas flow is usually vertical upward or downward across the tubes.

We can design and supply WHRUs for the most difficult kind of heat recovery units and we can also incorporate flue gas treatment equipment into the unit.

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