CO combustors

Our CO boiler/heater design ensures complete, dependable combustion of the CO or low-BTU offgas by thoroughly mixing the offgas, combustion air and supplemental fuel. In many cases the CO fuel content in the offgas is sufficient for combustion and the need for supplemental fuel firing is  minimised.

Our design uses our proprietary adiabatic toroidal combustor design, a refractory lined chamber with no heat-absorbing surface followed by a heat recovery section. 

This provides a cost-effective reliable solution for refineries, where huge quantities of low pressure flue gases containing carbon oxides (CO) are available as a by-product of the catalyst regeneration process in fluid catalytic cracking (FCC), residue catalytic cracking (RCC) units, or fluid coking units.

This CO gas is used for steam to:
  • Recover the heat available in flue gases
  • Convert CO into CO2 before discharging the flue gases to the atmosphere
  • To lower the gas temperature prior to catalyst fine recovery devices
Since the CO boiler design must take into consideration these three uses, this equipment is not only a boiler but also an incinerator. Residence time at high temperature and good turbulence are the key factors for the proper CO oxidation.

In addition to steam generation, we have designed and built similar CO combustors with heat recovery to crude, vacuum and feed preheating service.

For the CO boiler, we offer two solutions, forced circulation and natural circulation.

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