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World-scale environmental impact assessment for Mackenzie Valley Pipeline

Gas fields were discovered in Canada’s northwest territories in the early 1970s, but our client, the Mackenzie Gas Project, had no way of transporting this gas to the North American market and so the fields were not developed. Today, with rising demand for gas and production from conventional fields in North America declining, our customer is planning a pipeline that will connect the fields in the Mackenzie Delta to the existing gas pipeline transmission system.  

The pipeline will be 1,400 kilometres long and will connect the Arctic coast to Northern Alberta. It will be the largest industrial project in the Northwest Territory, which means there are a number of socio-economic and environmental considerations associated with the development.  

"Our expert knowledge of northern regions [of Canada] and understanding of local environmental and social conditions were invaluable as we supported our customer through the regulatory approval process."
Les Panek, Senior Vice President

Many of our experts have worked in arctic regions for decades and have a thorough understanding of local environmental and social conditions. Their ability to work with the local people effectively is essential to our success. We meet frequently with the communities involved to discuss and address their concerns. 

We have also worked extensively with regulatory bodies throughout Canada and our in-depth knowledge of permitting and information requirements, and the consultations that were required on a project of this scale meant that we were able to support and advise our client on the regulatory approval process for the project and assist them during extensive regulatory hearings.

Our environmental services business has worked in the extreme climates of North America and Canada for more than 30 years, producing environmental impact assessments for major projects such as uranium and diamond mines, oil and gas development and power generation projects. 

Location:Arctic Coast to Northwestern Alberta, Canada
Client:The Mackenzie Gas Project (Imperial Oil Resource Ventures Ltd., Shell Canada, ConocoPhillips Canada, ExxonMobil Canada Pipeline and the Aboriginal Pipeline Group)
Scope:Environmental services
Date:2001 - 2008