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Sustainable and environmentally sensitive surface water drainage plan for municipal landfill site

The City of Calgary required a surface water management plan and design for the Shepard Landfill site that addressed issues with the existing storm drainage system:

  • Insufficient stormwater storage;
  • Insufficient capacity within the ditches and culverts;
  • Inadequate ditch grades;
  • Frequent water quality exceedances.

We provided a multi-disciplinary team to develop a sustainable and environmentally sensitive surface water management plan that considers existing and future development within the landfill. The team included experts in water resources, geotechnical, civil, and environmental services.

  • Existing wetlands on the site that will be impacted by future landfill activities are part of a wetland complex that is considered a Provincial Environmentally Significant Area. We delineated the wetlands and prepared the Biophysical Impact Assessment which was used to determine wetland compensation
  • We completed a Staged Master Drainage Plan for the 460 hectare Shepard Landfill site to address complex drainage issues. The plan recommended four stormwater management facilities and completed a water balance for the existing wetlands, for existing and future development conditions
  • Water quality exceedances at the landfill required an innovative stormwater treatment system design that includes treatment wetlands to remove fine sediment and certain organic contaminants of potential concern that may be present in runoff
  • We have completed the detailed design of the immediate upgrades (ditching and stormwater management facility) that were identified in the Staged Master Drainage Plan. We prepared the tender package and assisted the City through the tender process and will provide construction supervision services in 2013
  • We are completing the detailed design for a second stormwater management facility and an assessment on implementing Low Impact Development techniques within the proposed landfill facility. We will be providing construction supervision services in 2013 and 2014

The City of Calgary has an environmentally sensitive and sustainable surface water management plan for the Shepard Landfill that addresses their needs over the next 60 years of the landfill facility's life.

Location:Calgary, AB, Canada
Client:The City of Calgary
Value:CDN$1.4 million
Scope:Engineering, procurement, construction management
Date:2005 - ongoing