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Supporting one of the largest and most challenging nuclear engineering projects in Canada

Bruce Power’s Unit 2 was shutdown due to boiler tube health issues in 1995, and Bruce Unit 1 was shutdown in 1997 (along with Units 3 and 4) by OPG. Bruce Units 1 & 2 were operating safely before they were shutdown, defuelled, and placed in a laid-up state. Subsequent to the successful Return to Service project for Bruce A Units 3 & 4, Bruce Power decided to return Units 1 & 2 to operational status for an extended period. One of the largest and most challenging engineering projects in the world at the time, the Bruce 1 & 2 Restart Program comprised a series of refurbishments, upgrades and enhancements to the two reactors with the aim of improving safety and reliability to achieve a 25 year life extension. 

Specifically, the work included:

  • Reactor internal pressure tube and calandria tube replacement (480 in each reactor)
  • Replacements of feeder pipes
  • Steam generator replacement (8-110 t vessels in each unit)
  • Electrical systems upgrades
  • Main condenser replacement
  • Turbine refurbishment
  • Feed water heater refurbishment
  • Shutdown system enhancement
  • Significant other maintenance on both nuclear and other plant equipment.

We were initially contracted by Bruce Power to provide project management services for the refurbishment of units 1 and 2. We mobilised a team on-site, and later as part of an integrated team (Project Management & Construction – 'PMC') provided project management, contract management and construction management services to Bruce Power. The PMC also provided support services (e.g. project infrastructure, training, IT, tritium mitigation, engineering acceptances, radiation protection services, maintenance, etc.) for the contractors undertaking modification work on the plant. 

The PMC responsibilities included:

  • Health, safety and environment (conventional and radiological protection)
  • Contract management
  • Construction oversight
  • Engineering (including significant Design Authority delegated by Bruce Power)
  • Maintenance and commissioning
  • Scheduling and project controls
  • Quality assurance
  • Risk management

The PMC’s Design Authority responsibilities included , review and acceptance of design packages from the contractors for all packages excluding those with safety significance, and oversight of the Restart Engineering Change Control process.

We also provided engineering and design services for a variety of projects including mechanical, civil, electrical, I&C, human factors, seismic, regulatory standards, and code reviews. Amec Foster Wheeler provided the largest number of design change packages of any Design Contractor on the project. We were also assigned the responsibilities to provide Detailed Engineering Oversight for the Environmental Qualification (EQ) Project. Bruce Power successfully brought the two units back into operation in early 2013 to return the site to its full 6300 MW output of clean energy.

Location:Ontario, Canada
Client:Bruce Power
Scope:Project management, engineering and consultancy services
Date:2005 – ongoing