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Reducing Uzbekistan’s dependence on the imported crude oil and transportation fuels

Converting methane-rich natural gas into a nominal 38,000 barrels per day of liquid fuels comprising LPG, GTL naphtha, GTL kerosene and GTL diesel, the OLTIN YO’L GTL project is planned to reduce Uzbekistan’s dependence on the imported crude oil and transportation fuels and to diversify the utilisation of its domestic gas resources.
The SPL (Single Point Licensor) team is responsible for the design and integration of the core GTL process units, consisting of a reforming unit to convert natural gas into a syngas, a Fischer-Tropsch unit to convert syngas into long chain hydrocarbons, a refinery unit to hydroprocess and fractionate the long chain hydrocarbons into final products and several associated units for treatment of intermediate streams and by-products.

We also performed the engineering of the process effluent treatment unit which utilises Sasol processes, and additional engineering required for the non-licensed process units within the SPL scope.
We have worked collaboratively with Sasol for more than fifteen years in the design and optimisation of GTL and coal-to-liquids projects.

The OLTIN YO’L GTL project represented the third GTL project based on Sasol technology to reach the FEED phase: Amec Foster Wheeler has been involved in all three.

“OLTIN YO’L GTL will be one of the most advanced energy plants in the world, producing high quality fuels and other products which will improve air quality, deliver a cleaner transport future and support growth and development.” 
Location:Approximately 40 km from Karshi, Uzbekistan
Client:Sasol Synfuels International, PETRONAS and Uzbekneftegaz
Scope:Feasibility and FEED through the Single Point Licensor team of Sasol, Amec Foster Wheeler and sub-licensors.
Date:2010 -