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Providing solutions for clean fuel technologies

Half the world’s proven gas reserves are in remote locations, without cost-effective transport to market. In consequence, 10 billion cubic feet of unused gas is flared into the atmosphere at oil fields every day, and wasted.

As demand for energy grows and environmental regulations tighten, pressure is increasing to find new ways of developing these unexploited resources.

"We work at the forefront of new energy technologies, using our expertise in oil and gas and refining to help our customers develop plants to produce clean fuels and chemicals."
David Bown, Technology Manager

One technology which is being developed to meet these demands is GTL (gas-to-liquids) technology, which makes ultra-clean diesel and specialist chemicals from natural gas.

For over ten years we worked closely with Syntroleum, who were developing their own licensed GTL technology.  During this time our focus was to apply this technology in a commercial context by designing first-of-a-kind plants that are able to produce GTL fuels cost-effectively.

We provide conceptual design, feasibility studies, environmental studies, site selection and cost estimation services to assess whether a project is viable. We recommend the most effective project execution strategy to our customer, before any major investment has been made.

Our extensive offshore oil and gas experience, combined with our downstream processing skills, mean that we can play a major role in the development of GTL technology for offshore usage as opportunities arise.

Although expensive to produce, GTL diesel is a clean, high performance fuel that can be blended with existing fuels to meet new environmental guidelines and has significant future market potential.
Scope:Design, engineering, feasibility studies
Date:1999 – 2012