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Institutional capacity building and architect/engineer services benefit the Afghan government

Under multiple contracts with the U.S. Air Force Civil Engineering Center since 2006, Amec Foster Wheeler has provided $250M in programmatic design and master planning services for the multinational Combined Security Assistance Force – Afghanistan (CSTC-A) and the Afghan National Defense Security Forces for strategic projects throughout the nation.

We have earned a reputation with CSTC-A and with major Afghan Ministries, specifically the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Interior, of providing vital expertise and professional resources to assist in speedy, accurate and cost-effective project delivery. Amec Foster Wheeler has served --and continues to serve-- as a catalyst to bring all parties together to provide definitive plans, design criteria, cost projections, and associated contractual requirements as a prelude to a vast nationwide $15B infrastructure construction program to ensure the country’s stability and security.

For three recent tasks in particular, we have provided approximately $125M in architect-engineer services, field services, testing, planning, cost estimating, scheduling, and O&M manuals. This work includes a preliminary master plan for the airport in Lashkar Gah Province that included runway paving design, planning, and design for a national electrical grid expansion, needs assessments and design of multiple potable water and wastewater systems, multiple designs for primary power generation and secondary distribution systems for villages with populations of up to 12,000 residents, design of 15km of secondary roadway systems, and facilities engineering assessments for multiple Kabul schools.

For these projects, Amec Foster Wheeler built upon local contractor and institutional capacity for a sustainable future. We mentored 256 local nationals to provide them with the skills to manage and operate programs independently. We also mentored Afghan Ministry staff in O&M programs and upgraded computer and technical skills for long-term independent operational and budgetary control by the revitalized ministries. We provided safety training to 180+ local subcontractor and vendor staff to meet international best practices and audit requirements. Kabul staff performed approximately 85% of the work, and we subcontracted to local field teams to complete topographic and other survey work across large geographies.

Amec Foster Wheeler also performed studies, assessments, and other support services that enabled the timely construction of several hundred facilities. We ultimately developed a process and system for the Afghan government to manage inventory of national assets and facilities and track construction progress and field work in all 33 provinces.

“(Amec Foster Wheeler) has forged very productive relationships with the Afghan Ministries of Defense and Interior. These relationships facilitate swift, efficient planning and logistical support for the construction of hundreds of ANA, ANP, and AAF bases throughout the country. In the process, (Amec Foster Wheeler) employed and trained over 200 Afghan Local Nationals who will be a future asset for Afghanistan when U.S. and Coalition Forces withdraw from the country...

I strongly recommend the (Amec Foster Wheeler) team for the toughest missions that require unique military planning and design experience. I can personally vouch for the exceptional standard of their work, their ability to deliver, and their capability to meet new challenges with a professional and willing manner in a high-security environment.”
Andrew W. Backus, PE, PMP, Colonel, United States Army, NTM-A/CSTC-A Engineer Director
From a letter dated 27 March 2013

Client:Air Force Civil Engineering Center
Value:US$250 million
Scope:Architect-Engineer services, O&M services, planning, and local and institutional capacity building
Date:2006 - 2014