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Engineering a solid dose manufacturing facility

Hanseo Pharm required a new solid dose manufacturing facility for the production and packaging of pharmaceuticals. We were selected to engineer and project manage the facility for Hanseo Pharm. The facility enables the implementation of Hanseo’s five year plan to increase production capacity to 1,065 batches per year (100 to 300 kg sizes), 569,400,000 tablets and 223,100,000 capsules.

The key objectives which the facility had to deliver were compliance with latest KFDA, FDA, EU regulations, state of the art GMP design for solid dose manufacturing, accommodation of all personnel in one location and provision for future expansion.

Efficient and greatly improved material and personnel flows, increased flexibility and productivity. We introduced technologies to reduce dust generation and improve product quality and operator safety. We also came up with innovative engineering principles for process and building services to improve reliability and energy efficiency.

Location:Seoul, South Korea
Client:Hanseo Pharm
Scope:Project management, design management, architectural concept design, process engineering concept design, mechanical engineering concept design, electrical and data engineering concept design