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Changing the skyline with the grassroots Paradip Refinery project

The skyline at Paradip, Orissa State, India, home of Indian Oil Corporation Limited’s flagship 15 million tonnes per annum grassroots Paradip Refinery Project, has changed significantly over the intensive construction period. 

We executed the FEED. Then amongst our many MPMC responsibilities has been the management and co-ordination of all heavy transportation and lifting operations on behalf of the major EPC contractors and consultants engaged on the project. This
Paradip India
significant undertaking was completed during February 2013 with a total of approximately 20,000 tonnes of complex equipment items successfully installed, a record by any standard. 35 major equipment items each weighing 300 tonnes or more were involved, while the installation of items weighing less than 300 tonnes was managed directly by the various contractors.

A total of 15 imported pressure vessels were transported from Paradip Port via a purpose-built heavy haul road along the coastline to the site. In order not to disturb a local fishing village, this road had to be diverted at one point for a one-kilometre stretch via the beach.
The Paradip refinery is built on reclaimed land by the Bay of Bengal, which made for interesting ground preparation challenges.
The heaviest single lift of 978 tonnes was the VDU column; the Paradip VDU is one of the largest in the world.

The largest single vessel, the propylene recovery column, weighing 1,400 tonnes and 95 metres long, was installed in three sections with crane utilisation carefully co-ordinated with the essential welding and post-weld heat treatment of the vessel during a four-week operation.
At 73 metres tall, the alkylation column, weighing 560 tonnes, was the tallest single vessel to be installed in one operation.

“The Paradip project achieved another pioneering breakthrough with the erection of four of the world’s largest coke drums for the delayed coker unit, based on our SYDEC(SM) delayed coking technology. Each drum weighs 630 tonnes and is mounted on top of a concrete superstructure at 35 metres elevation, the world’s tallest structure of its type.” 
Amec Foster Wheeler Project Manager
Location:Paradip, Orissa State, India
Client:Indian Oil Corporation Limited
Scope:FEED, then Managing project management contractor (MPMC) and PMC
Date:2007 - ongoing

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